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Date your Asian girlfriend at Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival

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Spring is an amazing time in many parts of Asia, but if you’re looking for a truly special date with your Asian girlfriend, then Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival may be the perfect destination.

Each year, people around the world look forward to the arrival of spring. Wherever you’re located, spring represents the end of winter and a move to warmer temperatures and milder weather. It also means that, in many places, vegetation begins to bloom again.

Asian girlfriend

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This is where Shanghai comes in to its own and your Asian girlfriend will love the opportunity of having a date in this wonderful city. Each spring, Shanghai plays host to the Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival.

In March, cherry blossom bloom in many locations around Shanghai and the extensive landscapes around the city give you no end of choices when it comes to seeing them. They provide a seasonal blast of colour and scents which are both romantic and alluring – it’s a real taste of spring that will lift your moods and spirits.

For you and your Asian girlfriend, this is a great opportunity for you both to get outside again and enjoy this colourful and traditional festival together. Whether you simply want to stroll in beautiful parkland or perhaps enjoy sporadic blooms in and among the central business district, close to bars, restaurants and coffee shops, there is a location for you to enjoy this festival that will suit your taste.

If you’re struggling with inspiration of just which location in Shanghai to view the cherry blossom with your Asian girlfriend, then this list will point you in the right direction.

1) Gucun Park

This is arguably the heart of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

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A huge urban forest park, it has more than 4000 cherry trees all of which bloom in the spring. You can enjoy endless walks together.

2) Shanghai Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is an incredible place to spend some time and is also deeply romantic. In addition to the cherry blossom, enjoy the scenic waterways and magnolia-lined paths.

3) Tongji University

Shanghai Tongji University is always popular with photos at any time of the year, but when the cherry blossom is in bloom, it’s not to be missed. There is no better backdrop to a romantic date photo with your Asian girlfriend.

4) Luxun Park

If you want another picturesque park but one that is smaller and quieter than Gucun Park, then head over to the Hongkuo district and to Luxun Park.