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Dating Advice from Women to Men

We know that dating can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect, especially if it is something that is new to you. However, meeting someone new and sharing a romantic connection is also something really worthwhile. We asked 5 women for their dating advice so that we could share these tips with you:

Let’s go on an online date!

Be Honest

When it comes to dating advice, most women prioritised honesty. This means being honest about who you are and what you want from a relationship. It is easy to brag and make yourself sound ‘better’ than you are. However, this doesn’t build a real connection. Instead, be upfront about your needs for dating and what you are able to offer.

Be Available

We all live busy lives, but being available for dating is a must. Getting to know someone takes time and effort. It is essential that you are willing to put in the effort to meet someone. If you’re dating online then communication is even more important.

Be Inquisitive

If you want to get to know someone then being interested in their life is essential. Although you should share tales about yourself, you also need to ask questions too. Asking someone about their day is a great way to understand more about their life. Being inquisitive about the things that they like is great too!

Take Your Time

Will you write to me?

If you are nervous then taking your time being you plunge into dating is a must. Be honest with the person you are talking to. After all, the chances are they’re feeling nervous too. There is no rush. Instead, take your time to build something special – the benefits will be worth it.

Consider the Benefits

Embracing the nerves is also a piece of dating advice many women gave us. They talked about considering what you’ll get out of dating. Think about the connection you’ll build and being able to share your life with someone special. You might be nervous however consider what you’ll get out of it.

Of course, every woman wants something different from dating as such dating advice can vary. Spend your time getting to know the women you have an interest in. This will allow you to understand her needs and wants. Once you have an idea of her likes and requirements you’ll find yourself being able to fulfil these. The best dating advice for anyone is to simply be yourself and embrace the whole dating experience. After all, there is so much to gain!