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Greatest Dating Tips Directly from Chinese Ladies

If you are considering dating a Chinese lady, there are certain cultural elements that you need to consider to ensure that your Asian girl is comfortable in an ongoing relationship.  Chinese ladies are amongst the most loving in the world and they look to their men to take a lead in many areas of a relationship, which may be a different view for some Western and non-Chinese men, but if you really want the relationship to work, then you will have to pay heed to them.

Chinese ladies

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Importance of marriage

First off, you need to understand that cute Asian girls are usually entering a relationship with marriage as the ultimate goal, and one they intend to attain fairly quickly. Marriage is a point of honour for traditional Chinese ladies and if she has her way, she is going to be transformed from girlfriend to Asian bride within a few months.

Chinese family bonds

Chinese ladies take a lot of their cues from their parents and even grandparents and these will be important to your Asian date, so expect them to have quite a lot of say in what goes on in the relationship.  However, once you have married your Chinese bride, they will back off a lot as it will fall to you to make the decisions.  However, almost from the start, you should make your future intentions clear and look forward to meeting the family.

chinese ladies

Will you be my only one?

What Chinese ladies look for

Chinese ladies love to be loved and expect to be treated appropriately.  That means they want their man to have manners and will want to be handled with kindness and as a lady. Asian girls are not particularly materialistic and won’t care too much if you don’t have a car, but they do like meaningful gifts such as small pieces of thoughtfully-chosen jewellery or clothing.  Splash out on your Chinese girl but make sure that it is appropriate and not too showy.

While Chinese brides may be demure, they are certainly not wallflowers and they want to be listened to.  You will not only need to listen to her throughout the relationship but actively give her room to express her feelings and points of view too.

In conclusion

Dating Chinese girls can be immensely rewarding, and you will find them warm and loving in ways beyond those of Western girls, but you do have to respect her views, wishes and culture and allow her to grow into a full-scale relationship with you.