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Why don’t Asian women like “bad guys”?

Why don't Asian women like “bad guys”?

Throughout the world and over the decades, women have enjoyed the challenge of dating a bad boy. This difficult approach to finding love has lost popularity, particularly so for Asian women. Whereas many women have enjoyed the chase of a bad boy, endured the confusions and vulnerabilities that such a relationship brings and boasted about ‘taming’ such men, Asian women are recognizing the benefits of more stable and respectful courtships. Their pride is found in developing affections for a man who cares equally for her and who shows interest and concern in her well-being.

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Bad boys are those who have a lackluster approach to dating and romance. They are more likely to not show up to a planned date than they are to spontaneously arrive with flowers. A man who is aloof, unapproachable, not connected to his emotions and awkward about committing to terms of endearments or acts of affection used to be an attractive prospect. Now, Asian women, like those throughout the world are recognizing their own worth and refuse to settle for such poor standards and low commitment levels in a relationship.

What is wrong with the “bad guys”?

Wasting time is no longer attractive to many Asian women. With growing populations, more demanding work hours and the ongoing requirements of supporting families, there is less time to accept the challenges of a ‘bad boy’. Instead, Asian women are more likely to seek love with reliable and honest men or find a potential partner through online dating by getting to know a man at a comfortable pace. Many Asian women now have impressive and challenging careers. This means that their domestic lives may come second to their work demands. A bad boy who thinks that Asian women are able to accommodate their ‘hot and cold’ approach or their lack of commitment is one who is unlikely to find real love. Asian women are now more likely to bypass a bad boy in favor of finding a man who wants to treat her well, support her independence and work towards building a family life together without compromising her happiness.

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Another very important consideration for Asian women when dating is the opinions and acceptance of their family to a new partner. A bad boy is less likely to be favored by the family than a man who appears respectful, affectionate and honest. What is more, bad boys are renowned for their dismissive behavior and as well as taking little care in being attentive towards their partner, they will show less interest in family interactions. Instead, Asian women are more likely to seek love with a man who shows interest in those she is close to, attempts to develop connections with her parents and shows concerns for the welfare of her relatives and friends.

What are the benefits of using dating sites in this case?

One of the benefits of using online dating sites for Asian women is that physical demands from a man are removed. So the couple can approach dating at an easy pace. With respect, honor, and chivalry being important to Asian women, online dating sites provide a safe and open platform. This allows them to develop affections without having to commit physically until they are ready.

A man who panders to a woman’s every need may be one who seems over-indulgent or to eager to please. But a man who is elusive, too-cool and nonchalant is unlikely to cement a long term romance. Instead, men who seek to find love with Asian women are encouraged to approach their new lady with respect, consideration, warmth and enough humility to ensure that arrogance is left behind. There will always be room for humour, coolness and the occasional need to prioritize independence and friends in a relationship. But don’t compromise attentiveness and warmth in favor of this. Instead, approach online dating with Asian women with confidence and not obnoxiousness and with affection rather than bravado.