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How to end a relationship with your Chinese woman smoothly

Let’s start with the good news from the start.  Your average Chinese woman would much rather be single than in an unhappy relationship.  This means that if you sense things aren’t going well, she will have too and will be looking for a chance to move onward alone.

Saying this, you cannot use this as an excuse to be careless with the feelings of your Chinese woman.  So, let’s consider the ways you can end the relationship smoothly.

Chinese woman

I will never leave you!

Show respect to the Chinese woman’s desire for a family

One of the features that sets Chinese women apart from other Asian women is their devotion to the ideals of family.  She will undoubtedly be looking for a Chinese marriage at some point in the near future and quickly moving on to children.  This is one way you can gauge if you should be in the relationship with your Chinese woman or not.  If you cannot see this with her, then you should tell her sooner rather than later.  You will then find the negotiation towards ending the relationship will happen quickly from there.

Chinese women respect tradition

You will also find the process of ending the relationship smooth if you are confident in your right to make this choice.  A Chinese woman will show more respect for you if you exercise your right to take the lead.  If you indicate that things are not going well and are clear in your viewpoint, then they are likely to respect your decision without much discussion or debate.

Respect her “face”

Chinese woman

I dream about a loyal man!

The Chinese woman’s reputation is all important to her.  You can gain or lose your face depending on your status, family, background, or achievement.  This is an important part of being Chinese and something that can be easily damaged but not so easily repaired.

This means you must be careful in your actions when ending the relationship.  You do not want to act in such a way as you damage the reputation of your Chinese woman.  Make efforts to tell her that you would like to end the relationship before looking to move on – and be honest and direct – avoid lying to her.

She won’t want to be a casual fling

Above all else, a Chinese woman is looking to become an Asian bride.  She wants a stable and long-term relationship.  If you know that you cannot offer this to her, then she will be grateful that you are allowing her to move on to find what she desires.