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How to express your love for your Asian match when you are too shy

Being shy can be a little problematic at the start of any relationship but knowing how to express your feelings towards your Asian match is important.

When you find your perfect Asian match online, being shy can make things a little tricky. However, whether you’re a bit nervous or an introvert, there are ways of showing your feelings towards your lady without having to put yourself out there too much.

Once you have mastered those first few tricky conversations and your Asian match knows how you feel toward her, communication will naturally become easier and less uncomfortable. So, to get you to that stage quicker, here are a few ways in which you can express your feelings towards your Asian lady.

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Use emojis with your Asian match

If you’re incredibly shy in the early stages of a relationship, online dating websites offer many ways in which you can communicate easily. One nice early step would be to try using emojis in your chat or direct messages if you are struggling for words. Emojis have become an accepted form of communication in the last few years, so use these carefully and it may help express how you feel without you having to do quite as much talking.

Send a gift

Women love gifts, and if you’re trying to show your feelings toward your Asian match, then consider whether gifts could help you beat that shyness. Some online dating websites allow you to send virtual gifts now, so that may be a really quick and easy way of getting things moving. If you’re far enough along the line to send a physical gift, then the usual romantic gestures like flowers and chocolates will go a long way.

Keep conversations simple to start with

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Telling someone how you feel about them, can be hard if you’re shy, so try keeping conversations nice and simple. Talk about hobbies, work, holidays and other easy topics so that you become more and more comfortable speaking with your Asian match.

Once these types of conversations go well, you’ll probably be in a better position to truly express your feelings.

Write a letter

It’s a little old-fashioned, but sending a written letter is a great way of expressing your feelings for your Asian match. You can write as much as you want, telling her how you feel, and you are doing so in the privacy of your own home. You’re not there when she receives it either, so that little bit of distance can also make things a lot easier.