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Favorite holidays of Chinese ladies

Favorite holidays of Chinese ladies

Meeting and dating Chinese ladies can be an exciting, romantic and somewhat confusing tie as the traditions, preferences, and history of two cultures meet. One ideal way to discover more about Chinese ladies and their likes and dislikes is to understand their favorite holidays and the significance that they hold in their culture. The following article explains some of the most favored holidays of Chinese singles.

New Year

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Chinese ladies are likely to be highly excited about Chinese New Year and will enthusiastically explain the significance of the animals that represent the months, the traditions and history of the celebration, and how they and their family will enjoy festivities. The date of Chinese New Year is calculated from the new moon which arrives between 21st January and 20th February. The festivities and importance of this event have been celebrated for centuries throughout China and Chinese ladies will spend time prior to the event making plans relating to parties, lessons for children, and traditions revolving around myths and legends. There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss an international understanding of Chinese New Year with Chinese ladies, who will be keen to hear about celebrations throughout the world.

Dragon Boat Festival

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Chinese women will celebrate a Tuen Ng or Duanwu Festival which refers to what is widely recognized throughout the world as a Dragon Boat Festival. The holiday originated in China and is celebrated annually in the summer by way of commemoration to fealty and filial piety as well as a wide acceptance that the festival celebrates the life of Qu Yuan who was a Chinese poet and minister who lived from around 340 – 278 BC. The celebration is marked with joyous parties and focuses on eating, drinking, and dragon boat racing. This is an exciting festivity to discuss with Chinese ladies, who will enthusiastically compare celebrations in their home country with those experienced internationally.

International Women’s Day for Chinese Ladies

On the 8th of March, China celebrates International Women’s Day which allows the country to celebrate Chinese ladies and their investment and impact on the nation. The festivities of this annual event have been extended by Chinese ladies in universities throughout the country, as they added ‘Girl’s Day’ to celebrations on 7th March each year. These days encourage men and women throughout China to celebrate the strength, importance, and potential of Chinese girls, with a focus on abilities of domestic, educational, economic, and social importance. On these dates, gifts are presented to females throughout the country, and acts of appreciation and warmth are enjoyed throughout the country. Chinese women who work are also granted half a day’s holiday on this day in recognition of their contributions.

China’s National Day

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On 1st October each year, a week of celebrations begins, known as the ‘golden week’. The event marks recognition for the inauguration of the People’s Republic of China and brings the largest amount of tourism to the country. Chinese ladies will enthusiastically share their passion for their heritage, history, and traditions with those they meet on online dating sites. From flag-raising to fireworks, this annual event is exciting, full, and varied and guarantees to offer plenty of conversational topics. For anyone who has met a Chinese lady online and who is considering visiting her, a trip that takes on China’s National Day is the prime time to visit and promises plenty of activities and chances to understand the culture of his Chinese woman.