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Five best topics for your first conversation with online date

Meeting ladies online is incredibly exciting, but when it comes to enjoying that first conversation online, knowing what to say can be tricky.

By its very nature, the world of online dating opens up no end of possibilities in terms of the people you can meet. Different ages, nationalities, interests, and personalities. But one common stumbling block early on can be knowing what to say.

When you meet your match online, you can get every bit as nervous as you would if you were meeting her offline in a local bar. You need to have some degree of confidence and the best way to build your confidence is through talking.

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I want to talk to you!

So, if you need some inspiration about the best topics for your first conversation with your online date, then see our top five below.

The lady herself

A great place to start is by simply talking about the lady you are chatting with her. This doesn’t need to be an in-depth interrogation, but instead ask her about herself, what she enjoys doing, what she’s looking for online. Even compliment your online date on her looks, laugh at her jokes – things like that. You’re not trying to suck up to her, but you are trying to make you both feel comfortable, and a good way of achieving that and getting her talking is to ask her about herself.

Dating profiles

A great topic of conversation is always each other’s dating profiles. Ask her about hers, where her photos may have been taken, why she has written what she has. Maybe you could then explain some of the same elements of your own profile, why you have written what you have and even what you are looking for from being on the website. It’s a great ice breaker but can also lead to other funny stories.

Potential date locations

If things are going well in that first conversation, there is nothing wrong with touching on the subject of dates. The types of places and activities she enjoys, for example. Even if your online date lives in another country, it can give you some great ideas for the future, as well as an insight into her previous experiences

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Family, career, and interests (in no particular order!)

If things are really awkward during that first online conversation, then move on to asking her about her family, career and even personal hobbies and interests. It’s one to play by ear so you’re aware if you may be going over painful ground (e.g. specific family circumstances), but they’re great topics for those early dates.

Your online date day

Last but not least, ask her about her today. What has she been up to, how was it and what does tomorrow have in store? In may sound mundane, but it’s something she doesn’t have to think about and it’s easy for both of you to talk about. Just getting talking in a good conversation is vital for building confidence and chemistry.