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Five best ways to keep your Asian lady interested during a lockdown

The last few months have been challenging on many fronts, but how do you keep your Asian lady interested during a lockdown?

Establishing or growing a relationship during a lockdown is tricky, but it could also be a time of great opportunity as well. Once you’ve met your dream girl online, you should use the time you spend at home to really get to know one and other.

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When your using dating websites, you could become tempted to speak to other women when you have a lot of time on your hands, but this time could be much better spent growing a relationship with the one truly special Asian lady that you know.

If you’re worried about keeping her interested during lockdown, then fear not. If there is one thing this whole episode has taught us, it’s how to spend time entertaining ourselves while speaking remotely through digital apps and websites!

Here are five ideas to help you out:

Don’t speak with your Asian lady for hours and hours

Okay, this may seem like a strange one to start with but try not to spend hours on end talking to your Asian lady, day-after-day. You’ll probably end up getting bored of each other and running out of things to talk about. Instead, keep it natural – if it feels right, then continue talking. However, if things become a little stretched out, then wish her goodnight and speak again the next day. 

Play games

The important thing about lockdown is that activities should be fun. Quizzes and games have become a mainstay that are keeping populations smiling. So, ask your Asian lady if she wants to play games in video chat. Maybe attempt a quiz together? There are so many possibilities.

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Cook great Asian food

Meeting your lady for a date involving food has been one of the great dating activities for many years. However, this isn’t possible during lockdown. Or is it? While you cannot meet in person, why not exchange some recipes and do some cooking – you can compare results on video chat! Or, cook the same meals at the same time and have a themed ‘night in’, all be it through the computer.

Send gifts to your Asian lady

Another great way to keep your Asian lady interested is to send her occasional gifts. These can be physical gifts or maybe some sort of digital gift. Try and find something she likes, maybe make her something yourself that will make her smile? A little imagination can go a long way.

Make her feel special

Finally, don’t forget those basic things which keep all relationships on track – making your Asian lady feel special. This can be as simple as complimenting her looks, how she dresses or just expressing your feelings for her.