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Girl’s Day in China: How Asian ladies used to celebrate it

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Asian ladies have been celebrating Girl’s Day in China since it began more than 30 years ago. But who is it for, and how is it celebrated?

Girl’s Day in China first started back in 1986 and originated at Shandong University. Students at the university decided that they wanted to create a celebration that was different to International Women’s Day and one which focussed on unmarried women.

Asian ladies

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And so, Girl’s Day begun, and ever since then young Asian ladies have celebrated the date with a range of different activities. Because it’s primarily celebrated at university campuses, many Asian ladies will no longer celebrate it as they used to, but they will have found memories.

Here’s a few ways in which Asian ladies used to celebrate Girl’s Day in China.

Banner and signs

One of the first things to happen on Girl’s Day is that male students will decorate university property with signs and banners showing their respect and appreciation for their female peers. Close student friends may also send breakfast to girls they know on campus as they look to start their day in the best way possible.

Wider appreciation

While Girl’s Day is most often something celebrated at universities, it has become a wider celebration in China. Asian ladies will have probably celebrated this at some point whether they went to university or not, with gifts, flowers and cards given to them by friends and family.

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Companies in China produce gifts for sisters, daughters, girlfriends and partners to ensure all young women get an opportunity to celebrate.

Enjoy time relaxing

On Girl’s Day in China, young women will often be treated by friends, boyfriends and peers who will want to show their appreciation for women by allowing them to take it easy. Tasks may be done for them and they will be encouraged to take it easy and enjoy themselves!

Spend time with friends

Girl’s Day also provides Asian ladies with an opportunity to enjoy some fun time with their friends. They may be girls-only gatherings and could be just about any activity they find enjoyable, from going out to bars and clubs through to a quiet night watching television with friends.

Be romantic

Finally, if Asian ladies are in romantic relationships on Girl’s Day, then their partners may treat it a little bit like Valentine’s Day in that they’ll treat them well and offer gifts and other romantic gestures.