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Having a Real Date after Dating Online

There is no way around it, when you start dating online there is a specific duration of time that one meets. It is wise to meet earlier rather than later. But not much zooming, one tends to overthink. Relationship experts advise that the optimum amount of time is in two to three weeks.

Having a Real Date after Dating Online

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Meet Sooner 

Why two weeks? Probably you may be asking, is it too soon? Well, this is to stop you from overthinking and creating ideas of what that person may be like. This comes about when you exchange a lot of messages through dating online. And if that image doesn’t match up with reality, it can discourage you.

Dating online can create a different perception of someone. It is best to meet up with someone in real life so as not to paint too much of a picture about someone. You can become emotionally attached to a person while having prolonged chatting online. This leads to more disappointments on the first meeting.

Blend Naturally before Meeting

There has to be some form of initiation between both parties who are dating online to meet up soon. This is after they have started chatting to allow them to filter out people who are genuinely interested. One of the signs that someone is committed to meeting up with you is whether they will create time to meet up in person relatively quickly.

People form an idealistic impression of the person when they have the best presentation on their dating profiles. The longer you chat, the stronger the impression becomes. You can physically meet within a few days if you are on the same wavelength with your potential mate.

While dating online of course you need to talk more frequently to gauge if you like the person or not. The most important thing is good communication, honesty and a natural connection. Trying to be choosy to meet your criteria can break the mood.

Having a Real Date after Dating Online

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Be Cautious about Meeting Immediately

The last-minute dates should be avoided because they can be tempting. It shows that the person has no respect for your time. When dating online one needs to be very cautious of any pressure from the other individual to meet up immediately. If you feel uncomfortable, this may be a red flag.

Share a Common Interest 

Find a common interest or activity that you can do in person when the time is right when dating online. Shared activity is more fun than the old fashion way of meeting for coffee or drinks. That’s a creative way of introducing yourself.

In summary, upon creating a natural connection you can switch to offline dating. Human interaction in real life is felt by building natural connections and chemistry which takes time. Dating online can be limiting, for such activities as meeting up for a cup of coffee, cocktail, or other outdoor activities. These kind of things gives you the opportunity to see if your date is worth pursuing.