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Honesty in Overseas Relationship

In any type of relationship, honesty and sincerity are key to a strong foundation. People always think that overseas relationships are generally built only from love. Love is key to any relationship, but honesty and sincerity come in handy. Especially for those in an overseas relationship, whereby they don’t see each other often. In today’s article, we are going to look into honesty and sincerity and their importance in an overseas relationship.

Honesty in Overseas Relationship

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Meaning of Honesty and Sincerity

Being honest and sincere means being authentic and transparent with one another. Telling your significant other what you feel and think, without hiding anything is the true meaning. For an overseas relationship, trust is key.

For there to be trust, both partners ought to always be honest with each other. This means that you communicate openly with each other, not avoiding certain conversations. Honesty is more than just telling your partner the truth, but is being vulnerable and with clear intentions with your communication.  Most partners refrain from being honest due to fear-based thoughts about their significant other.

Few Tips on How to Build Honesty in Your Overseas Relationship

  • Be effective listeners

For an overseas relationship to work, communication is a two-way thing. Partners need to offer a listening ear to each other, without being defensive or judgemental.  When partners are being honest, sometimes they may feel vulnerable. Hence, being understanding will create a great environment for them to speak openly and freely.

  • The motive of your conversation

There is a saying that says, think before you act. Before you speak up, it is advisable at first for one to be calm and mindful of what they will say to their partners. For example, in an instance whereby you are angry with your partner. It is important to first be calm before you begin your conversation. This will help you not to speak irrationally and say angry words that will lead to bad consequences. Remember honesty comes from love, so open up to your partner from love and not harshness or anger.

  • Honesty in Overseas Relationship

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    Share what you feel not what you think

For an overseas relationship, at times partners get so busy and may not have time to talk to each other. You may find that your partner did something that angered you, and you haven’t been able to talk since. Remember to tell them what you feel and not share your instant reactions like anger. Since this may lead to meaningless conversation and pointless misunderstandings. Beneath the anger, you feel at the moment remember there is love.

From the above tips, it is important to note that for there to be honesty and trust in an overseas relationship, communication is key. For there to be effective communication, both partners ought to create a suitable environment for each other to communicate.


From the above tips we have seen clear communication builds honesty in an overseas relationship. One may think, does it mean l have to tell everything to my partner? There is a difference between secret and private.

Privacy is where you have certain boundaries for yourself and don’t involve your partner in any way. Secrecy is whereby you are afraid to share something with your partner because you are afraid of how they will react. Hence, practice privacy since it’s important, but abstain from keeping secrets from each other in your overseas relationship.