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How to Attract a Chinese Lady Dating Online?

Chinese Lady

Dating a Chinese lady can be hard, but it can be even harder if you rely on online dating to meet such a lady. Unable to communicate and interact face to face, you have to find other ways to attract her. While there are many online dating sites where you can meet Asian women, all Chinese ladies are attracted by gentlemen. So, here’s how to catch the attention of that goddess you’ve seen online.

Be As Polite As You Can

Chinese Lady

I’m dreaming of you!

There is hardly anything Chinese people value more than politeness. Rudeness is almost never tolerated in this culture, so you should be as polite as you can when talking to your Chinese lady online.

To begin with, you should never use pet names unless you’re really familiar with one another. Don’t insult her looks, social status, job, or life decisions. In the end, this is the common sense you should have anyway when dating online, so just be nice and polite if you want to attract her.

Ask Loads of Questions About Her

Showing interest is another sure way to attract a Chinese lady. Visit her profile and make sure you read all the information in there. Finding out what she likes can be a great conversation starter. Then, focus the whole conversation on her.

Ask her what she expects from online dating, what are her dreams and plans for the future, what she likes in a man, and what she expects from a partner in general.

All these questions will show her you’re a considerate guy that will go over  and beyond to make sure his girlfriend is happy.

Never Mistake the Chinese Culture with Other Asian Cultures

Chinese Lady

Do you like me?

It’s often tempting to talk about the Asian culture, but the truth is there is no such thing as the Asian culture. Each country in Asia – China comprised – has a unique culture and tradition. Mixing them up is just like telling French people that their culture is identical to the German one, just because both countries are on the same continent.

If you want to attract your Chinese lady, don’t be that guy. If you’re not sure about her culture, it’s better to avoid the subject altogether.

Avoid Talking Too Much About You

In online dating, it’s common practice to also talk about you. However, don’t focus the conversation on you. Answer her questions, then swift the focus on her again. This is the only way to make her feel special and ultimately attracted to you.

Be Straightforward

Last but not least, be clear about what you want. If you’re looking for casual romance, tell her. If you’re looking for long-term dating or a potential wife, let her know. Your Chinese lady will surely appreciate your sincerity and might agree to date you even if you’re not yet ready to settle or grow a family.