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How to Behave to Impress your Asian Bride’s Parents?

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Meeting your Asian bride’s parents for the first time is going to be nerve-wracking, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re as well prepared as possible.

When you’re in any relationship, meeting parents is always scary. You want to make a good impression so that they know you can be trusted with their daughter. In Asian culture, it’s perhaps more important than it is in most other cultures to ensure you get this right. 

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So, if you’re due to meet your Asian bride’s parents for the first time and you’re looking to impress them, here’s how to behave to make that vital first impression a positive one.

Be respectful

First thing is first, you’re going to want to make sure you are respectful of both your Asian bride and her parents. Think of this as showing some simple manners. No matter how straight forward this seems, when you’re nervous and eager to make an impression, you can forget to do the simple things.

Say please, thank you, volunteer your seat for members of her family and don’t interrupt them when talking. Also be respectful of their home – if they remove their shoes when they step inside, then you should do as well.

Show an interest

If there is one thing that can really irritate people, it’s when someone does not seem genuinely interested in what they have to say. Don’t let this be you. Show a real interest in what they’re saying and try your best to engage in conversation.

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Ask follow-on questions about family history, careers or whatever it may be.

Make it clear how much you admire their daughter

Your Asian bride’s parents will be keen to see the affection you have for their daughter. This doesn’t mean you should be inappropriate and kiss her every two minutes. Instead, convey how much you admire her and wish to care for her. Show her respect as well – all of this will go a long way.

Don’t be arrogant or brash

Don’t display any sort of arrogance when you meet the parents of your Asian bride. It’s not a nice quality in any culture, and it won’t be well received here.

Don’t unintentionally insult them

Finally, be aware of any local traditions or cultural differences which you may otherwise fall foul of. It’s fine to ask your Asian bride about anything you need to be aware of ahead of meeting her parents too.