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How to celebrate Buddhist New Year with your Asian wife

Buddhist New Year is celebrated in different ways and on different dates in several countries throughout the world. Your Asian wife will be sure to tell you when she wants to celebrate the event and is likely to be excited to share the ways in which she traditionally observes this celebration. Because the Buddhist New Year is determined by the lunisolar calendar, different countries interpret the calendar in different ways and so there is not one set date for this event. Research the home country of your Asian wife to gain further insight into the traditions, celebrations, date and beliefs of her nation. To give an idea of some popular ways to celebrate Buddhist New Year, below are some examples.

Be Varied in Your Celebrations and Try to Include Lots of Culturally Relevant Ideas

Asian woman
Let’s celebrate together!

Celebrating Buddhist New Year with your Asian wife is likely to be one of the most important events on your calendar and it’s likely that your Asian lady will have been making plans and looking forward to this event for several weeks. Buddhist New Year is an event that is steeped in tradition, culture, history, and spiritualism and as such, there’s plenty for you to consider in order to ensure that your celebrations are as fulfilling and exciting as is possible.

Buddhist New Year is the ideal time to ask your Asian wife to introduce you to new traditions from her home country. Think about asking your Asian lady to decorate your home traditionally or cook celebratory foods for your gathering. Offer suggestions on Western traditions and draw parallels between your cultures in order to foster a greater experience of shared celebrations.

Engage with Your Local Buddhist Community

Talk to your Asian wife about the local Buddhist community in your area or ask her about the other Asian families that she knows who might like to join your celebrations. Buddhist New Year is most often celebrated in groups, whether it be families, friends or worshippers and so your Asian lady may be grateful to celebrate in larger numbers.

Asian dating may well have seen you enter into new communities and social settings in your local area, particularly as Asian brides will be keen to maintain their culture and beliefs whilst living in the west. This means that Buddhist New Year is the ideal time to develop new friendships and increase your social circle, whilst inevitably learning even more about traditions that are important to your Asian wife.

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I want to spend New Year with you!

Remember the Spiritual Importance of Buddhist New Year

Your Asian wife will certainly want to embrace the opportunity to celebrate this annual event in similar ways to Western cultures, but remember that a Buddhist new Year is steeped in spirituality and beliefs too. Allow time for your Asian girl to pray throughout the day and take the chance to learn more about her religion. Buddhism is well-known for being a peaceful religion that is philanthropic and patient. Try to celebrate Buddhist New Year with your Asian wife by adopting some of these spiritual mannerisms and exploring her religion more closely. Even if you do not share her beliefs, Asian women will appreciate your interest and respect of their faith.

Look to the Past and the Future

An important aspect of Buddhist New Year is for believers to review their history as well as make plans for the future and this can be an undertaking that brings you closer to your Asian wife. Embrace the opportunity to consider your pasts, acknowledge your mistakes, celebrate your achievements and make loving, committed and romantic plans for your future together. This cathartic exercise will help you see the new Buddhist year in together as a closer and more connected couple.