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Interracial Dating – A List of Tips on Understanding and Accepting Each Other

When you are dating someone of a different race or cultural background, it can be tempting to say that race doesn’t matter or that you don’t see colour. Whilst it isn’t a bad thing to see someone for who they are rather than the colour of their skin, you don’t want the person you’re dating to feel as though you have dismissed their background. Interracial dating doesn’t have to be different to any other type of relationship, but you should show that you respect their background and of course, are interested to learn more.

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Accept You Won’t Know It All

One of the first tips is to accept that when it comes to race and/or culture; they know best. If they are telling you of traditions or experiences you should listen rather than interject with what you think instead. It is important that you are eager to learn about their experiences and background, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. However, the person you are dating isn’t going to want to feel as though they are being grilled, so be mindful of what you are asking and respectful of the answers. Interracial dating is no different from any other type of dating in the level of respect you should show the other person.

Be Mindful of Things Like Racism

As someone that is accepting of everyone, it can be hard to fathom that racism exists and that people of colour do have a tricky time due to the colour of their skin. Rather than assume that it doesn’t happen, or dismiss the experiences your date tells you about – be willing to listen, understand and support them through any bad experiences that they may have had. There may be times when you need to speak out against racism and under the right circumstances that are definitely something that you should do.

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Do Your Own Research

Although if you’re interracial dating the person you’re dating is likely to be happy to answer your questions, make sure you do some of your own research. There are plenty of books that you can read to educate yourself. You should not expect a person of colour to give you all the answers – after all, they can only tell you of their own experiences and won’t have all the answers.

Be Supportive

In any relationship, you should want to support your partner and be someone they can rely on when needed interracial dating is no exception. There are times when such matters become more prevalent in the mainstream media and this can be hard for people of colour to watch, especially when videos and photos start to get shared online through social media platforms. Although you can’t prevent this and you shouldn’t ignore it, you should speak to your partner about how they are feeling and what they might need from you.

Ultimately interracial dating doesn’t have to be any more tricky or complex than dating someone with the same skin colour as you. Yes, you should be aware that their experience will have been different from your own but ultimately as long as you are supportive and speaking to your partner about their needs and how you can support them, you’re on the right track to making your relationship work.