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Just Married! How to Spend a Honeymoon with your Asian Wife

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A honeymoon is probably the most important and special holiday you will ever take, so when you’ve wedded your Asian wife, it’s time to head off and enjoy it.

Of course, just like your wedding, the honeymoon is going to need quite a lot of planning itself. Whether you’re planning to spend a couple of days away in your home country or head to an exotic island for a couple of weeks, everything should be planned in detail.

Asian wife

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So, to ensure that all important honeymoon with your Asian wife goes as well as it can do, here are a few tips on what to do.

Don’t forget the traditions!

In parts of Asia, specifically China, it is traditional for the groom to take his wife around to her parents’ house on the third day after the marriage. Now, thankfully, it’s perfectly acceptable to do this earlier before you head off on honeymoon or later upon your return, however, it’s a tradition that your Asian wife will probably insist on or at least would really like to do. Therefore, factor it into your plans from the beginning!

Tick something off your bucket list

A honeymoon is an unforgettable time in your life and marks the beginning of a long and happy life together. Therefore, why not capture an incredible memory on this trip by ticking something truly remarkable off your bucket list with your Asian wife? It could be anything, from visiting a famous landmark to bungee jumping from a bridge! Whatever it is, do it, enjoy it and make sure you have some photos or video from it to cherish!

Enjoy some alone time

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Your wedding day will have been incredible, but the build-up to the event and the big day itself will have been full of other people. They may have been helping you organise the big day or celebrating alongside you, but you will probably have spent very little quality time with your Asian wife. Now you’re on the honeymoon, you have each other all to yourselves. Enjoy it and cherish these moments.

Make plans

Now you’re married a honeymoon is a great chance to sit down together with a clear head and consider what lies ahead. Kids? Holidays? Jobs? A new house? Whatever it is, this is the perfect time to start making all of these exciting plans with your Asian wife.


Finally, a wedding brings a lot of stress and pressure, so you’re going to need to find time to simply relax and unwind with your Asian wife. You will both need it!