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Must see places if you decide to visit your Chinese lady in winter

Online dating has undoubtedly opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities, especially as far as international dating is concerned. If you’ve been dating online a Chinese lady and you decided to visit her in winter, you might wonder where to go, though.

China is a big country, and luckily, it has countless of spots to visit in all seasons. During winter, make sure to check out the five places below.


Those longing for snow and ice can find all they were looking for in Harbin when visiting China in winter. With temperatures ranging between 14°F and -4°F, you can expect everything from winter sports to cozy cabins where to cuddle with your Chinese lady.

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Let’s spend this winter together!

The best time to visit is between December and January when you can enjoy the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival.

The Yellow Mountains

The Yellow Mountains are another hotspot during winter, offering magnificent snowy scenery and milder temperatures than Harbin.

You’ll be surrounded by pure white and will be able to enjoy breathtaking landscapes. Furthermore, the mesmerizing seas of clouds, as well as sunrises and sunsets over the peaks, will give you the possibility to capture perfect pictures.


If you’re a fan of hot baths as well as skiing, or if you have always dreamt of seeing pandas in their natural habitat, then Chengdu is the perfect place to visit if you decide to go to your Chinese lady in winter. The city is close to Mount Emei, where you can enjoy both hot springs and winter outdoor activities.

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Despite being cold, the Panda Breeding and Research Center welcomes visitors, while the spicy hot pot prepared in the region will definitely warm you.


Those wishing to leave cold weather behind and enjoy a warmer vacation can’t miss Xishuangbanna. Located in the proximity of Thailand and Burma, this city is a tropical paradise to visit during the colder season.

Here, you can visit the Wild Elephant Valley to admire these amazing creatures, taste delicious food, and experience unique customs. With temperatures ranging from 55°F to 75°F, it’s a great spot where both you and your Chinese lady can unwind and warm up.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong may not be the administrative capital of China, but it definitely is its economic hub. Comparable to New York or Milan, it is the place where investors open their businesses, as well as the place to go for winter shopping.

No doubt, your Chinese lady will love strolling through stores and choose some nice presents, while you’ll also be able to enjoy shopping, good food, and even good weather.