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What does the name of your Chinese lady mean?

What does the name of your Chinese lady mean?

China is a country with a rich and extensive history and your Chinese lady is sure to have a vast heritage and thorough knowledge of her country and its traditions. What is more, family connections in China hold great significance and the names that are given to babies are often reflective of family qualities, hopes, or history. Demonstrating interest and understanding of the importance of this to your Chinese lady is likely to serve you well and encourage her to see a future with you. One of the easiest ways to initiate conversations relating to her culture is to discuss the meaning of her name. Unlike Western names, the name of your Chinese lady may have a deeper meaning than just a pleasant name, and understanding what her name means can give you a quality background to her family, culture, ambitions, and interests.

Naming process

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Unlike in Western culture, where names of babies are more readily chosen because of connotations with other people, your Chinese lady is likely to have been given her name based on the meanings of the origins. That is to say that Chinese women are given names that their parents believe to be appropriate or based on qualities that they hope their daughter will adopt or elude. In other instances, the name of a child is determined upon their appearance or a family trait that dates back several years. By exploring your Chinese lady’s name, you will inevitably build a connection to her roots, family, and future aspirations.

Common names of Chinese singles

Some of the most common Chinese ladies’ names and their meanings include:

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Bao – Gem

Chin – Golden

Chung – Born in the Spring

The – Lotus Flower

Hua – Prosperous

Hui – Clever

Lan – Orchid Flower

Ling – Spiritual Being

Ming – Enlightening

Ting – Enduring

Xiu – Charming

Name is Tradition

The names given to Chinese women help others understand their family’s beliefs, history, and traditions. In questioning your Chinese lady’s name, you are likely to learn so much about her cultural background and the things that are the most significant and important to her. Using various communication tools through the online dating site, you will gain a strong level of understanding about your Chinese lady, but investing more effort into researching her heritage from simply enquiring about the origins of her name and you will not only endear your Chinese lady to you but will have more solid foundations about your knowledge of her community and upbringing.

Your Chinese lady is likely to be interested in your name and whether it has any important meaning to your family or underlying definitions. Your online dating site is likely to ask you to sign-up with a username and even these aliases can prove to have a wealth of information relating to your personality and what you consider to be important. Discuss this name with your Chinese lady too and you are likely to gain an understanding of why she chose her alias which is probably going to include a hobby, specific like or a nickname that she was given.

Names for future babies

What is more, should your relationship with your Chinese lady lead to a fruitful and long-lasting partnership and the two of you begin a family, it is likely that she will want to invest some of her culture and tradition in the naming of any offspring. You are likely to enjoy affectionate and romantic conversations about potential baby names, their meaning, and their significance to Chinese culture and your relationship specifically. Even if your relationship is not at the stage of considering a family, future planning can be as much about fantasy as reality and can prove to be a fun and romantic activity with your Chinese lady.

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