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Places to Visit with your Asian Girlfriend during Spring Festival 2020

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The Chinese or Lunar New Year is an important holiday in China that not only marks the beginning of a new cycle, but that also marks the beginning of spring. Thus, the Chinese New Year is often referred to as the Spring Festival.

Now, if you’re wondering where to go with your Asian girlfriend during the Spring Festival 2020, get inspired by our choices.


Undoubtedly, one of the best places to visit with your Asian girlfriend during Spring Festival 2020 is Beijing. China’s capital embellishes itself with mountains of flowers during this time of the year, so you can expect to be wowed by flower fairs, as well as traditional temple fairs.

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One of the most suggestive places to visit is Ditan Park, featuring the most time-honored temple in Beijing. Here, you can admire traditional decorations, watch folk performances, and enjoy some authentic Chinese food.

The Summer Palace is another amazing spot, known for its plum blossoms and bonsai shows.

Xi’an City

If you’d like to experience authentic cultural heritage shows, Xi’an City could be a great alternative to Beijing.

The Wall Lantern Fair is undoubtedly the most expected event, where you can admire hundreds of lanterns hanged by the ancient city walls. Throughout the city, there are also held numerous events, such as the bell-ringing ceremony at the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda or the song and dance performance at the Daming Palace Site Park.

Besides the New Year, here you can also join local art courses or check out the nearby ski resorts.


The ancient city of Pingyao is another amazing place to visit with your Asian girlfriend if you want to get a glimpse of the most traditional rituals of North China. One of the best things to do here is to enjoy the night view on any of the major streets decorated with red lanterns.

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For a romantic stay, choose a traditional courtyard style inn, where you can usually attend cooking or paper cutting classes, learn how to set off firecrackers, or watch folk performances.


If Pingyao is ideal to discover in North China, Guangzhou is South China’s hotspot. The New Year festival is also a festival of flowers, and you can stroll from one flower fair to another. In this city, the event is a time for families to come together, and the atmosphere is quite romantic. No doubt, a great place to visit with your sweetheart.


While the Spring Festival means tons of flowers in most Chinese cities, Harbin is the place to go if you enjoy winter and long for an icier experience. From the beginning of January to the end of February, this is where you can attend the world’s longest snow and ice festival.

Not only this place will give you a good reason to cuddle under the blankets with your Asian girlfriend, but you can also enjoy ice skating, skiing, hockey, and other outdoor sports. Furthermore, ice sculpture shows and the annual Ice Lantern Garden Party are a few more reasons to go.

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