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Proper Conversations in Overseas Relationships

When you are embarking upon a relationship, there are some subjects and conversations that are appropriate and some that are less so. This is no different with overseas relationships. Some topics and lines of conversation are certainly to be explored. However others can lead to difficult or dead end conversations.

Proper Conversations in Overseas Relationships

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Keep It Fun

Having distance from each other can be a good thing, but it is not a good thing when the person you are in overseas relationships, you are in the midst of a conversation and you have caused them upset. So when you are first talking to someone overseas, be polite and ask them how they are?

They may have had a stressful day and keeping conversation light is going to be best. Or they may have something they wish to talk with you about, so always give time for them to respond. That awkward silence you feel when waiting for a message is more likely to be something in their life overseas has had to take their attention. Be patient and always give your conversation partner time to keep their own life on track.

Explore Interests

Exploring each other’s interests and experiences is fun. Take time to ask about things they have done in the past. This will give you a chance to get to know what things have made strong memories with them and the kinds of things they like to do and the places they enjoy going. You may find there are things you both hope to do in the future that match or are similar. 

Sense of Humour

Just because you and your buddies like inappropriate humour, that doesn’t mean your new romantic interest will – and certainly not in the getting to know you stages. As you get to know each other  better you will have an understanding of the type of humour she enjoys. Until then you might want to avoid any potential offensive jokes or carrying out any pranks on her. Talk to her about what her favourite jokes are, as this will give you an idea of the type of jokes you might be able to slip into the conversation to impress her.

Proper Conversations in Overseas Relationships

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Avoiding Tricky Subjects

Although getting to know other another is an important stage of any overseas relationships, you might want to avoid subjects where it could cause upset. For example, if you mention family and she isn’t forthcoming in talking about them, then take a step back and let her talk about that in her own time. Things like politics, current news and even future plans might also want to take a back seat until you get to know one other a little better.

Keep it light and ask about things such as favourite foods or favourite things to do rather than whether they believe in God or practice a religion. 


If you want to make a good impression then cutting back on the swear words that you use is definitely the way forward. It could be that the lady you are talking to doesn’t mind the odd cuss, but if you let a swear word out and it isn’t something she approves of then you could ruin your chances of making a great first impression.

Take Her Lead

The best thing you can do is take her lead. The way she acts, the response she gives you things you say and the jokes she tells will give you a good idea of what she likes and what she will respond we too. So ask her question about herself and decide from there whether that’s a conversation she feels happy with or whether you should change the subject.

Whether you’re in overseas relationships or not, you are going to want to make sure you give the best impression when you are getting to know someone. In general this means being polite and respectful and following her lead in terms of what she finds funny and where she draws the line.

Of course, as you get to know someone better you might want to discuss things like politics and even deep conversations around whether aliens exist, but you might want to avoid this at the start of overseas relationships, until you get to know her a little better!