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Using humor with your Asian lady

If you enjoy making jokes and lightening the mood with some puns, then you’re probably desperate to be yourself when you’re with your Asian lady. But does a sense of humor really mix in international dating?

Well, there is a short answer to that question, and that is as follows. If you’re in love with your Asian lady and you want to spend your life together, then you should probably act yourself and be comfortable with who you are.

However, often things aren’t that straight forward. The end goal should definitely be to get to a point where your Asian lady knows your humor and is happy with you being yourself, however, the journey to that point may take several weeks or months from the start of a relationship.

So, here are some pros and cons to weigh up.

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Pros of using humor with your Asian lady

Dating women from different parts of the world are amazing, truly amazing. However, the language barrier can be tough, so to be able to lighten the mood with a joke can really take away that awkwardness.

If you have a gift of being able to make a woman laugh, then you should definitely use it! Everyone likes to laugh, and your Asian lady will be no different.

As we’ve said about, if your normal personality involves making jokes and being amusing, then there is an argument that this is how you should always act.

Let’s not forget, your Asian lady wants to know the real you, so seeing that you’re comfortable enough to show your sense of humor and make jokes is probably a good thing.

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Cons of using humor

Jokes can get lost in translation quite easily when people speak two different languages, so it may actually create more awkward moments than it does laughs!

Be careful not to offend unintentionally. Not all jokes translate well into different languages, and the last thing you want to do is inadvertently offend your Asian lady when you’re simply trying to make her laugh.

If she doesn’t understand what you’re saying, or indeed that you’re making a joke, it may appear to her that you’re laughing at her.  This is a nightmare scenario and one to definitely be careful about.

Finally, if you go down the route of being funny and making jokes, doing it too much could make her think that you’re not serious about the relationship or that you’re generally a bit of a timewaster. It’s a difficult balance to strike, so be careful!