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Tips to make Qixi Festival unforgettable for your Chinese girlfriend

Chinese girlfriend

The Qixi Festival is a traditional celebration that your Chinese girlfriend will love to celebrate with you.

It always helps with festivals and celebrations when there is a romantic angle to them. This is the case with Qixi Festival, which celebrates the ancient mythology of the cowherd and the weaver girl. It’s the legend of two lovers, Zhinu and Niulang, who met on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. They were only allowed to meet on this date every year, so it was a special evening and one to be cherished.

Chinese girlfriend

I dream of a real man!

Your Chinese girlfriend will be desperate to celebrate the date with you because it has adopted the cultural meaning of Valentine’s Day in China, meaning that love and romance between happy couples should never be far away. All kinds of couples from newlyweds to newly-mets will be spending the night together.

So, the question is, how do you celebrate Qixi Festival with your Chinese lady? Thankfully, we’ve got a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Go traditional with your Chinese girlfriend

It’s a very traditional festival, so you could follow that route with your Chinese girlfriend. Visit a temple, or place or worship and burn paper items as offerings to the mythical lovers. What would be really romantic would be if you were to make some romantic paper gifts to begin with, perhaps some simple flowers or something? Any handmade items will do the job. It’s a great way to demonstrate your understanding of Chinese culture and tradition.

Go star-gazing

A very popular tradition on this date in China is to wait for nightfall and then go star-gazing together. Romantically gaze toward the night sky and see if you can spot the stars of Zhinu and Niulang; these are called Altair and Vega.

Chinese girlfriend

Let’s go to a date!

Plan a romantic evening together

Qixi Festival is about love and romance, and so the perfect thing to do may be to plan a special evening together. Homecooked food and simple gifts would set a lovely mood, you can either grab a romantic movie together. Just don’t forget our mythical lovers when you settle in for that special night!

Give your Chinese girlfriend gifts

Okay, if you can’t get any traditional Chinese gifts, then like on Valentine’s Day in the rest of the world, more common gifts will be well received as well. You cannot go wrong with flowers and chocolates!