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Questions to avoid when dating online with your Asian lady

Questions to avoid when dating online with your Asian lady

Dating an Asian lady can be exciting and fascinating and you are sure to learn much about romance and a new culture. There are a number of common mistakes that some men make when they meet an Asian lady through an online dating site, including asking some inappropriate questions.

To be sure that you get to know your Asian lady in depth without causing offense or making her worry that she has chosen the wrong man, avoid asking the following questions:

How many previous relationships has she had?

It is inappropriate to ask your Asian lady about previous lovers, particularly in the early stages of your relationship. Allow her time to tell you whether she has ex-boyfriends or to discuss previous relationships and you should avoid the same topics about your past. Concentrate on the present and your future together without concerning stories of past love,

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Any question relating to sexual matters

You may be very attracted to your Asian lady and some people have ulterior motives when they find out how to meet Asian girls online. Be chivalrous and respectful and do not discuss sex or physical matters until your Asian lady introduces the subject. Many beautiful Asian women will be more reserved and shy about such matters than western girls and so let her set the pace and don’t be over keen.

What her intentions are

When some men meet Asian women online, they worry that the women are only interested in a life in the West or in receiving money. Be careful when discussing your Asian lady’s intentions so that she doesn’t think that you are suggesting her motives are shallow. Allow your relationship to develop at a safe pace and follow the tips on the online dating site to ensure that both are you are protected and safe at all times.

Financial questions

Don’t ask your Asian lady questions that relate to her financial position. Remember that you wouldn’t ask a person that you meet face to face about their salary or savings and observe the same levels of decency in your conversations with your Asian lady. You may learn about her income and estate through natural conversation but never let this be a prime concern when you are building a romantic connection.

How much does she weigh or what her physical sizes are

Don’t ask your Asian lady about her size or specific measurements. This is rude, inappropriate and ungentlemanly. You may feel like you are able to be more direct when you are not engaging in a face to face way, but remember that your Asian lady still deserves to be treated with dignity. You are likely to be able to learn about the shape and size of your Asian lady through online video chat and so allow this information to come naturally without compromising your integrity.

Suggested Questions to Ask an Asian Lady

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There are a number of questions that you should ask an Asian lady when you meet through an online dating site that will help you get to know her without seeming intrusive. Some of the best questions to ask to help you build an early relationship include:

  • Questions relating to family such as how many siblings she has
  • Travel related questions including her favourite holidays and places she would like to see.
  • What is her favourite food?
  • Does she like animals?
  • What does she know about your home country and what makes her proud about her country?
  • What are her hobbies and favourite pastimes?

Questions Relating to You

It is also wise to consider that you might change your Asian lady’s opinion of you if you ask her to many ‘needy’ questions. Try to avoid pushing her for answers about how she feels about you, what her favorite thing is about you, her level of fondness or opinions on your insecurities. It easy to forget how you would normally conduct yourself when you are in an online relationship with an Asian lady, so try to remain in control of your feelings. Don’t overwhelm your Asian lady with the impression that you lack confidence or need validation too much. Instead, allow your relationship to progress naturally and let her compliment you as and when she feels it is appropriate to do so.