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How serious is your relationship with your Chinese lady?

How serious is your relationship with your Chinese lady?

You’ve been communicating with your Chinese lady on an online dating site for a while, but you have some doubts if this lady is serious about you? Sometimes it is not quite clear, on what stage your relationship with your Asian lady is. Our short quiz will help you understand how successful your relationship is developing and if there are chances that your Chinese lady is your perfect match.

Chinese lady

I am waiting for you!

Do you still have dating profiles on online dating websites?

A. Yes I still have profiles and still talk to Chinese singles from time to time, although not regularly
B. I still have an active profile but have not been on there for a while as I am seeing a Chinese lady.
C. No I deleted my profile as other Chinese singles do not mean anything to me at the moment.

How often do you think about the Chinese lady you are dating?

A. Whenever we have a conversation through online dating websites she is on my mind.
B. Quite often
C. I think of my Chinese lady every minute of the day, she is the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think of at night.

Have you and your special lady met in person yet?

A. No we have not yet met in person as I am still talking to other Chinese singles
B. We have arranged our first meeting through the online dating websites
C. We have already met and I am excited to see her again

Have you and your Chinese lady discussed what you want in your futures?

A. Not yet, our conversations are still quite fresh as we are getting to know more about each other
B. We have discussed our desires for life briefly but not in depth
C. Yes and we both know we want to get married and settle down soon

What gift would you send your Chinese lady to show you care?

A. Chocolates
B. Her favourite flowers
C. Jewellery or something personal and thoughtful

What would you do if other Chinese singles tried to talk to you?

A. Have a discussion with them and see if we have a connection
B. Talk to them briefly but tell them I am seeing someone
C. Politely explain I am not interested as I with someone

How would you plan the perfect date for your Chinese lady?

A. Take her to my favourite restaurant
B. Take her out for dinner at her restaurant
C. Whisk her away on a romantic trip to somewhere she has always dreamed of going

Have you discussed meeting each others’ families yet?

A. No, we have not yet met ourselves so we haven’t even thought about it
B. Briefly, once we have met ourselves we will see what feels right
C. Yes we have, I’d love to get to know her family more

How often do you speak to your Chinese lady?

A. A few times a week when one of us sends a letter or makes a chat request
B. Every few days
C. Every single day, I can’t imagine not speaking to her

Do you think online dating websites have successfully found you a match?

A. Potentially, but there are a lot of other Chinese singles out there too
B. Likely, once our relationship progresses who knows where it might take us
C. Yes, I am so happy to have found my Chinese lady

Chinese lady

Let’s become a happy couple together!

If you answered mainly A:  your relationship with your Chinese lady is just at the beginning. Treat your lady as special and you’ll become a happy couple soon.

If you answered mainly B:  your relationship with the Asian lady is successfully developing and progressing. Don’t forget to give more attention to your lady and show her how important she is for you.

If you answered mainly C:  then online dating websites have been successful and your relationship may soon turn into a deeper connection or marriage. Don’t be afraid to discuss your relations with your girlfriend and chances are that your wedding is near at hand.