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Best way to spend Christmas with your Asian bride

Christmas is just around the corner and so it’s time to begin preparing for how you will spend the festive season with your Asian bride.

Depending on the background of your Asian bride, Christmas may not be something she is used to celebrating. In many parts of Asia, China for example, other festivals take precedence, such as the Chinese New Year. So, when you’re preparing a schedule for celebrating during Christmas with your Asian bride, think about what she may or may not know. She may well be fascinated to see and experience Christmas in a different country and get to know some of the new traditions that you can show.

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You are the best gift I’ve ever got for Christmas!

In case you’re struggling for inspiration, here are a few Christmassy activities that can help you enjoy Christmas with your Asian bride, whether she usually celebrates Christmas or not!

Christmas Markets for your Asian bride

A great way of spending some time together over Christmas is to head out and enjoy the nearest Christmas market. Markets like this pop-up in towns and cities across many countries in the western world during Christmas and they’re a great way to experience the festive fun that this time of the year brings.

Your Asian lady will probably be experiencing this for the first time and will love the magical atmosphere. From authentic hand-made gifts to steaming hot mulled wine, Christmas markets are a truly exceptional experience which must be done over Christmas.

Traditional Christmas Meal

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Best way to spend Christmas is to meet you!

Another great way of enjoying Christmas with your Asian bride is to enjoy a traditional Christmas meal. If she celebrates Christmas already, you could try a meal that she would usually enjoy during Christmas and then also a traditional meal from your own country.

This would give a best of both worlds scenario and let you both appreciate and learn about each other’s history and culture at Christmas.

Spend some time together at home

Finally, a special way of enjoying some time together is to simply have a quiet night at home together. You can watch Christmas movies or perhaps enjoy a romantic meal for two, but above all else it’s an opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy life together. At Christmas, there are so many movies and television programmes to watch that even when the weather outside is cold, it’s actually perfect for enjoying that relaxing time together away from the busy world outside.