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Spring in Asia: What do Asian singles love to do in this season?

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Spring in Asia is a magical time, as flowers begin to bloom and the weather warms up, Asian singles head back outside to enjoy the seasonal colors.

Wherever you are in the world, springtime brings with it a lifting of the gloom and puts a little ‘spring’ into everyone’s steps. In Asia, it’s no different, and as the temperatures warm in April, Asian singles begin to enjoy life once again.

Here are the top five things you will see Asian singles doing in spring:

Asian singles

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Enjoying the great outdoors

In many parts of Asia, the arrival of spring brings with it an amazing change in the landscapes. Colorful flowers come to the fore, flourishing and brightening up parkland and gardens. Asian singles love to go out with friends and enjoy being at one with nature again, getting some fresh air and feeling that new lease of life.

Asian singles love festivals

Asian singles will most definitely head for festivals when spring arrives, but we’re not talking any old festival! Hanami festivals in Japan take place in parks and public spaces as people come to admire and celebrate the jaw-droppingly beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom.

Japan will also celebrate Golden Week at the end of April and start of May, with no fewer than four public holidays falling in one week! This is the perfect time for Asian singles to go out and mix with friends, or even go partying.

Asian singles

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In Thailand, April sees the celebration of Thai New Year and what is almost certainly the world’s largest water fight! Friends, family, and neighbors all venture into the streets and splash each other. Most of Asia sees an awful lot of rainfall in spring, but it’s very welcome, no less than in Thailand.

Play sports or go walking

The arrival of the rain in Spring helps to dampen the dust that may have been present in some parts of Asia in winter, and so spending time outside becomes much more bearable. Some Asian singles may indulge in playing some sports, or just taking more leisurely walks.

Enjoy nights out and socializing

Like with any country during winter, the time Asian singles spend outside on nights out or partying is vastly reduced. Spring is the time of the year when this changes and singles head back out with friends or to enjoy socializing in bars and potentially find new partners. Therefore, online dating could also be really promising at this time of year.