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Surviving Long Distance Relationships: How to Video Chat with Chinese Women

No one, including men who date Chinese women, commits to a relationship with the goal of eventually making it a long distance relationship. Humans crave physical touch and closeness. However, people and careers evolve, and sometimes physical separation happens. This may happen more often with Chinese women who have family and investments overseas. Thanks to technology, when you are separated from your Asian date, you don’t have to rely on emails and text messages to communicate with her – you can communicate with her via video chat. Here are six tips to help you successfully video chat with Chinese women.

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to show Chinese women some skin!

When video chatting with Chinese women, don’t be afraid to show some skin. While video chat serves as the perfect platform to communicate with your Asian date, it can also serve as the perfect platform to stimulate what should happen in the bedroom. Chinese women will be intrigued and the flames of romance will burn brightly.

Tip 2: Talk about your daily life with Chinese women.

The second tip for video chatting with Chinese women is to discuss your daily life. What happened at work today? Did you have a typical morning, or was it more hectic than usual? These are all good things to discuss with Chinese women. They will make you feel like your Asian date is closer to you, as if you just came home to her after a long day of work.

Tip 3: Resolve conflicts with Chinese women over video chat.

When it comes to video chatting Chinese women, this is the perfect platform to help to resolve conflicts. If you are in a long distance relationship, you may communicate most via email or text messages, but written communication can be interpreted wrongly by anyone, not just Chinese women. If you and your Asian date are fighting, video chat for a while instead of continuing to argue through written means. By video chatting, you will be able to better communicate and convey emotions with Chinese women.

Tip 4: Watch a movie together.

Anyone, including Chinese women, enjoys quality time spent with loved ones. Set a regular movie date schedule with your Asian date. Instead of watching it from the comfort of your home or a theater together, you will be watching it alone, but if you keep the video chat on, you will be able to discuss the movie, and see each other’s reactions, just as if you were watching it together in-person! Chinese women will certainly appreciate you valuing them enough to set aside time to watch a movie with them.

Tip 5: Eat dinner together.

The next tip for video chatting with Chinese women is to eat dinner together. If you are tired of sitting in front of the screen and talking about your daily life for a few hours, spice it up by eating dinner over video chat together. Chinese women will love this, as they can appreciate good cuisine. You can even get fancy with this idea and eat similar cuisine as your Asian date. While eating, you can discuss everything that is going on with your life, just as if you were eating dinner together in-person.

Tip 6: Fall asleep while talking to each other.

The last tip for video chatting with Chinese women is to fall asleep while talking to each other. When you are together, at the end of a long night, one of you most likely fall asleep while the other is talking. Video chatting with Chinese women doesn’t have to be any different! Lay in your bed, while your Asian date does the same. Then, set the video chat up so it faces you from the side, as if she was lying next to you. Don’t be afraid to have your normal nighttime discussions, and regular nighttime routine, until one of you falls asleep. You can even set a timer on your computer so that it shuts off after some time to conserve battery! Chinese women will appreciate how you try to incorporate them into your daily routine like this.