Five Myths about Asian Mail Order Brides

If you’re looking for love and are attracted to Asian women, then you may have a slight concern over the myths surrounding the term Asian mail order brides. Sadly, there can be a little bit of stigma around men who have met and got married to an Asian woman down the years. The preconceived idea…

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Must see places if you decide to visit your Chinese lady in winter

Online dating has undoubtedly opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities, especially as far as international dating is concerned. If you’ve been dating online a Chinese lady and you decided to visit her in winter, you might wonder where to go, though. China is a big country, and luckily, it has countless…

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Five things you should know if you date Asian women

Asian women

If you’re new to dating Asian women, then it may be a tricky first few weeks and months if you do not know what to expect. Whenever you date someone new, there can be some difficulties in fitting in with each other’s lifestyle, social habits and hobbies. When you’re dating a woman from overseas, this…

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How to Spend New Year with Your Asian Woman?

Asian Woman

While Christmas is not exactly too big of a holiday in Asia, New Year is one of the most important days of the year. Whether your Asian woman is celebrating the conventional New Year or follows the Chinese tradition, there are a few things to know before planning to celebrate this day with your Asian…

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How to Make Your Asian Lady Feel Special?

Asian Lady

So, you’ve met an Asian lady you truly like. How can you make her feel special? How can you show her your love? While the Asian culture can be quite different from your own, here are a few ways to impress Asian women regardless of where they come from. Learn About Her Unique Culture Perhaps…

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What Questions MUST You Ask Your Asian Single Before the First Date?

Asian Single

Online dating has made it easy to meet singles from all over the world. If your eyes and heart have settled on an Asian single, you might want to ask her these questions before planning a first date. Why? Because they can reveal right from the start if you’re a match. 1. How Do You…

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How to build trust in online dating relationships

Online dating requires members to invest a great deal in order to enjoy the greatest success and arguably one of the most common concerns that people have when using online dating sites is trust. Ultimately, when trying to find love online, people sign up to an online dating site and attempt to build relationships with…

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How to celebrate Buddhist New Year with your Asian wife

Buddhist New Year is celebrated in different ways and on different dates in several countries throughout the world. Your Asian wife will be sure to tell you when she wants to celebrate the event and is likely to be excited to share the ways in which she traditionally observes this celebration. Because the Buddhist New…

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How to become the best online dating boyfriend

The world of online dating has changed how our romantic relationships are played out, so how do you go about making sure that you’re a good boyfriend in the digital world? Online dating has been revolutionary as far as dating is concerned. People the world over have found lifelong partners and enjoyed some of the…

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Spring holidays in China with your Asian lady

Spring throughout the world is one of the most exciting times of year in that it promises new life, freshness, and emotions. Your Asian lady and you should take every opportunity to embrace this season by visiting new sites and enjoying new activities in China. China is a beautiful country that is full of interest…

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