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Cities in China to visit with your Asian woman

If you’re looking to take your Asian woman somewhere special for a romantic weekend, then Chinese cities offer an amazing choice of destinations. From the modern and thriving downtown metropolises of Shanghai and Beijing to the more rural and serene areas of Anhui and Guilin. China truly is a country in which you can find…

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How to end a relationship with your Chinese woman smoothly

Let’s start with the good news from the start.  Your average Chinese woman would much rather be single than in an unhappy relationship.  This means that if you sense things aren’t going well, she will have too and will be looking for a chance to move onward alone. Saying this, you cannot use this as…

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Romantic weekend ideas for you and your Chinese wife

There’s nothing quite like a romantic weekend away, so treat your Chinese wife to some special time away to promote a really happy relationship. We all need a change of scenery every now and then but getting away with your partner for a romantic weekend break can work wonders for any relationship. It provides an…

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Spring in Asia: What do Asian singles love to do in this season?

Asian singles

Spring in Asia is a magical time, as flowers begin to bloom and the weather warms up, Asian singles head back outside to enjoy the seasonal colors. Wherever you are in the world, springtime brings with it a lifting of the gloom and puts a little ‘spring’ into everyone’s steps. In Asia, it’s no different,…

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How to choose the perfect Chinese woman if you don’t have any criteria?

So, you’ve finally signed up to a dating website, but now you don’t quite know how to choose which Chinese woman to start chatting with? Let us help. If you have always dreamed of meeting a beautiful Chinese woman and living happily ever after, then Asian dating websites provide an amazing opportunity to meet your…

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Chinese traditions worth following when marrying a Chinese lady

When your relationship with a Chinese lady reaches the point where it needs to progress on to the next level, it may be time to get married. When you’re planning to marry your Chinese lady, which Chinese marriage traditions should you follow? China is a very traditional country and a country where the family is…

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Chinese New Year 2018: the main festival of Chinese brides

Chinese New Year is an event that captivates the interest of the world. With bright colors, ancient traditions, personality explorations and the promise of new luck, well-being and wealth, the Chinese are able to celebrate like no other nation. Chinese brides are sure to be excited to share their culture and celebrations with you and…

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Winter in China: Best things to do together with your Chinese woman

China is a vast country, but one thing that many areas of the nation have in common is that when winter arrives, the temperature drops dramatically. Having some great winter activities organized for your Chinese woman is vitally important. If you’re planning on heading to China this winter to spend some quality time with your…

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How to make your online dating with an Asian bride succeed – tips and advice

So, you have found the Asian bride of your dreams and want to grow a strong and successful online relationship with her? It’s often said that there is someone for everyone in the world, and if you believe you have found the Asian bride you want to spend the rest of your life with, you’re…

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Chinese brides from Beijing – why do they love their city?

Chinese brides from Beijing – why do they love their city

Just because Asian women sign up to be mail order brides it doesn’t mean that they hate where they come from, it just means that they haven’t found the right man for them. Chinese brides tend to search for Western men because there are a lot more females than men in the country so finding…

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