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What To Ask a Chinese Lady on a First Date: 5 Engaging Questions

So, you’ve asked that gorgeous Chinese lady on a date, and now wonder what are some appropriate questions to ask her? Dating someone from another culture can be challenging, but with the five questions below, rest assured you’ll stay on the safe side. What is her biggest life goal? Perhaps the most important thing to…

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Qualities that every Chinese woman wants from a man

Dating a Chinese woman can be brilliant fun, but if you’re looking to really impress and take things a little further, then you need to know what your lady is looking for. A Chinese woman can be great to have a relationship with. They’re caring, loyal and extremely good fun. When they are comfortable relaxing…

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Tips to make Qixi Festival unforgettable for your Chinese girlfriend

Chinese girlfriend

The Qixi Festival is a traditional celebration that your Chinese girlfriend will love to celebrate with you. It always helps with festivals and celebrations when there is a romantic angle to them. This is the case with Qixi Festival, which celebrates the ancient mythology of the cowherd and the weaver girl. It’s the legend of…

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Best ways to turn your flirting into an online dating relationship

When you find a special girl online who you really get along with, it can be a truly exciting time, but how do you turn the flirting into an actual online dating relationship? The early days in any relationship can be among the most enjoyable and exciting as you get to know one and other…

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Best Thanksgiving congratulations from Chinese singles to you

If you live in America, then you’re probably starting to get really excited for Thanksgiving. There are lots of Chinese singles who are also excited for you and wishing to spread their own celebratory messages. Thanksgiving in the US takes place in November. It will see people the length and breadth of the country enjoying…

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Chinese Fast Food: What Dishes do Chinese Ladies Enjoy?

Once you start dating Chinese ladies, you are pretty quickly going to be taking them on a date to a restaurant. While the Chinese actually have a very varied palate when it comes to food, they really enjoy Chinese fast food too, and there are some very definite dishes that you should be ordering if…

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How to end a relationship with your Chinese woman smoothly

Let’s start with the good news from the start.  Your average Chinese woman would much rather be single than in an unhappy relationship.  This means that if you sense things aren’t going well, she will have too and will be looking for a chance to move onward alone. Saying this, you cannot use this as…

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How to bring more romance in to your relationship with a Chinese woman

All loving relationships will thrive with a little bit of romance, and so treating your Chinese woman to some romantic gestures can go a long way. Like most women around the world, your Chinese woman will love to be romanced, even if she claims otherwise. After all, there are a few women that will claim…

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Five Reasons Why Chinese Ladies Prefer Dating Western Guys

Asian women have tended to stay within their own cultural sphere when it comes to online dating, but there is an increasing move amongst Chinese ladies looking for marriage to date Western guys. Chinese singles see a number of positive aspects in Western men and actively seek to form relationships with them. Height Generally, Western…

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Great dating advice from Asian women to Western men

Chinese woman

If you’re looking to attract your dream woman, then what matter than some dating advice from Asian women? Asian women are known around the world for their natural beauty and engaging personalities. If you dream of meeting and perhaps marrying one, then you will need to make sure that your dating game is on-point. So,…

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