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Themed Dates for International Couples

When it comes to getting together with someone, having things in common is hugely important. International couples have to enjoy spending time together and more importantly they need to share interests. This is where themed online dating for international couples can really make a difference. So, if you are dating online and have met someone you like, why not arrange one of these themed online dates and do things the right way.

Themed Dates for International Couples

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A Harry Potter Themed Date Night

Who doesn’t love the dark and mysterious world of the famous wizard, Harry Potter? Whether you are a fan of the book or the films, everyone loves Harry Potter. There is no denying that this wonderful world of spells and potions are enough to keep you entertained when going on an online date! So, why not get dressed up like your favourite characters and then discuss the different stories and characters through the films and books. What’s more, you could even enjoy a glass of the famous Harry Potter butterbeer if that is your kind of thing. Either way, this makes for an exciting opportunity to immerse yourselves in a passion you both enjoy.

Get Crafty Together

There is something rewarding about making things together and seeing as you are dating online, creating something unique is important. Whether you enjoy knitting, making pottery or even getting crafty with wood, you have the potential to do something special together.

One of you might have a passion for a certain craft already and might want to share it with the other. This is a great way to bond and get to know each other. Furthermore, you both might want to try something new and make this your goal together. That ability to create online together is a magical experience. You’ll have a finished product that you both made which can strengthen your relationship as an international couple.

Themed Dates for International Couples

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Talk About Music

Music spans age groups, demographics and interests and it creates talking points. Whether you both have a love of the same band or both love trying new music, there is a lot to discuss here. You can choose some favourite albums to listen to together and then talk about the lyrics. International couples can discuss the songs that mean the most and they can talk about the band members too. If you have both seen them live, then this is the ideal opportunity to discuss how good they are live!

Get Quizzical

Quizzes have grown in popularity, especially since the pandemic took over. However, they are a huge amount of fun and a great way to challenge each other. Keep things generic with a general knowledge quiz or pick a topic that you both love. Then challenge yourselves by preparing a quiz each and asking each other the questions. To add some spice to the date, you could add in some forfeits for the loser!

So If you are looking for a themed online date, there is no shortage of options. However, it is the ideal way to connect online.