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Things you shouldn’t tell your Asian woman

A first date can be quite nervous for anyone, but if you’re heading out for a romantic first date with an Asian woman, there are some topics of conversation you should absolutely avoid.

Every lady in the world has things that she finds difficult to hear, sensitives topics or just things that she wouldn’t want to hear on a first date. An Asian woman is no different and you need to be aware of what not to say when you’re preparing for a first date.

There are some subject areas that you should avoid altogether, while other things may relate to your own personal circumstances or possibly hers. So, we’ve put together a broad list of things that you shouldn’t tell your Asian woman on a first date.

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Details of past relationships to your Asian woman

Unless your Asian woman asks you, there is nothing good that can come from bringing up the subject of previous relationships while on a first date. Of course, this is a subject that will almost certainly be up for discussion a little further into the relationship, but she doesn’t want to hear about your past romances on this first date. It’s about you two now.

How many other girls you talk to or which dating websites you’re on

There’s a good possibility that you have met your Asian woman on a dating website, and that’s great. However, while it’s probably obvious that you’re both talking to other potential partners, there is no reason to discuss it on a first date.
Do not tell her stories that you maybe have been told by other women on dating websites and basically make sure that everything you do on the date is about her. If things go well between you both, the other women you’re talking to will go away anyway.

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How many kids you want with your Asian woman

Okay, this one may change in some specific scenarios on dates, for example, if she asks you, but broadly speaking, you don’t want to go and kill any romance on a first date by saying that you want to have a certain number of kids. A first date must always be about you and your Asian woman, nothing else.

Racial stereotypes

Make sure you know which part of Asia your date is from. The last thing you want to do on a first date is to offend her by innocently believing her to be from elsewhere. In fact, you could ask her on the date where she grew up, what her hometown was like and what she enjoyed most about growing up there. That way you’re steering well clear of any inadvertent racial stereotypes which are hugely embarrassing for both of you.