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Top online dating mistakes: how to fix them?

Top online dating mistakes: how to fix them?

Online dating is a wonderful way for men to meet beautiful women from around the world, including gorgeous Asian singles. But men are also guilty of making some of the many online dating mistakes.

It’s to be expected really, if you’re searching for your perfect soulmate and advertising yourself to many beautiful Asian women, then you want to be at your best when using online dating websites.  However, even if you’re spending a lot of time using online dating, you’re probably making some of these common mistakes.

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Don’t use your best photo in your online dating profile

It’s fair to say, that for the vast majority of people in the world, their everyday look is not their best one. Therefore, while you don’t want your online dating profile photo to be one of you dressed scruffily, with messy hair, untidy clothes and bags under your eyes, you also don’t want it to be the photo of when you went to a wedding, suited and booted and groomed at the best barbers in town. Using photos of you at your best is simple setting yourself up for failure.

Instead, shoot somewhere in the middle. Try to use an everyday look in your photos, not scruffy, but not over the top.  You want to appear genuine for any women that look at your profile, so best to get the photo correct from the beginning.

Take care to identify who you’re talking to

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If you speak to several women when online dating, then make sure you take the time and care to know who you are speaking to and which box or screen you are typing a message into. Getting a name wrong, or recalling a conversation with someone that you had with someone else is not going to set a good example.

Instead, always take care and be aware of what you’re doing. As importantly, is being yourself when describing to a girl what you enjoy.  For example, if you tell one girl you love to go out clubbing and tell another that you’re into quiet nights with a good book, then be careful.  Don’t assume that women on any given site will not know each other or have spoken with each other.  Your lies will soon come back to haunt you.

Be genuine – no copying and pasting!

When you send that first message to a lady on an online dating website, or perhaps a seasonal ‘Happy New Year’ message, do not simply copy and paste your stock message. Women will see right through this and you’ll almost certainly come unstuck and miss an opportunity to really grab their attention.  Instead, always be genuine, write individual messages for women you are talking to and take care when doing so.

Paid-for websites are often the most successful option

When it comes to online dating websites, there are many to choose from and it is always tempting to use one that is completely free of charge.  However, it’s often the case that those members on a website where you need to pay for membership are more serious about looking for love themselves, and so the success rate will be higher.  The solution is simple, make sure you try out some paid-for websites to make sure that you’re giving yourself the best chance possible of finding real love.