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St. Valentine’s day ideas: making your Asian woman speechless

St. Valentine’s Day is the ideal opportunity to show your love, affection and desire for your Asian woman. Even if you are not normally a romantic man or you struggle to show your true feelings, St. Valentine’s Day allows for one day where people can let their guard down and be more open under the guide of tradition. Your Asian woman is likely to do exactly the same and whether she is reserved or outspoken about her love for you, you can expect a day filled with passion, attentiveness and surprise.

There are a number of ways that you can make your Asian woman speechless this Valentine’s Day and in doing so, you will help to ensure that your day is remembered for years to come. Here are some tips that guarantee Asian women will be speaking about your gestures long after the day has passed.

Asian woman
Let’s spend this Valentine’s together!

St. Valentine’s Day Gifts for Asian Women

Asian women love gifts and usually, the better the surprise, the more they will adore the gesture. The key to getting this right is to pay attention to what your Asian woman wants at an early stage, make note and don’t bring it up to her again. Make it seem that you hadn’t even registered her desire.

Traditional gifts for St. Valentine’s Day include chocolates, flowers, jewelry, cuddly toys and photograph albums. These are very sweet presents, but can sometimes be so traditional that they lack imagination. To really take her breath away, Asian women will appreciate a gift that they hadn’t expected.

Think back to things she mentioned at Christmas or when you and your Asian woman were shopping in the new Year sales. Buy her something that is specific to you or that you can personalize about her or your relationship.

Asian woman
Be my lovely Valentine!

Memorable Valentine’s Day experience

The key to a wonderful and memorable Valentines Day with your Asian woman is to spend time together. Some couples will choose to have a cozy night in together, others may opt for a fancy restaurant or some Asian women will be treated to a cinema date. Although these are lovely outings, to make your Asian woman really overwhelmed, try to come up with a more creative way to pass your time.

Winter picnics beg for cuddles to stay warm, long drives with a playlist of your Asian woman’s favorite music or a chef visit your home to cook an intimate dinner help to elevate your evening above the more run of the mill ideas that most couples will have.

Keeping it Inexpensive but Impressive

One of the biggest debates about St. Valentine’s Day for many Asian women is whether it is acceptable to buy into the commercialism of the day and if you don’t agree with the marketing ploys or money is tight, there’s no need to cancel all plans. In fact, you’ll surprise her all the more buy making the romantic gestures without having to spend a fortune. Here’s some ideas:

  • Put post-it notes around the home to tell your Asian woman how beautiful she is.
  • Give a love letter addressed to your Asian woman to each of her friends and have them deliver your messages of adoration throughout the day. She’ll get to see your romantic efforts whilst meeting with her favorite people.
  • Write your Asian woman a poem or story about all the reasons that you love her.
  • Draw your Asian woman a picture of the first time you met.

It’s OK to not agree with showing love on one day of the year or spending lots of money to make sure Asian women know they’re adored. However, with a bit of thought and the will to surprise her, you can create the most magical St Valentine’s Day that is sure to take your Asian woman’s breath away.