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5 Creative Ways To Put a Spark in Your Online Relationship

Online dating is a great way to meet new interesting people, but sometimes keeping the spark alive in an online relationship can be tricky. It isn’t impossible but it does take some work to keep an online relationship exciting – here are some tips!

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Send Each Other Letters

Online chatting is great, but sometimes letters can give you a little more romance. Think of it like a modern-day love letter. You can spend time putting together a letter and share how you are feeling; with your favourite quotes from books or poetry. Online chat and messaging is instant and a really great way to get to know one another, but taking things that bit further by sending lengthy, well–thought out love letter is a great idea.

Swap Photos

Swapping photos is a good idea because it allows you to add depth to getting to know one another. A good idea is to swap more than just selfies – pictures of your pets, where you live and things from your day allow the other person in the online relationship to get to know you even better.

What is your favorite memory?

Write Poems

Everyone loves a bit of romance, so taking the time out to write a poem or story for someone you care about is a really love touch. Whether you’re just starting an online relationship or you have been in one for a while, some heart felt words are a great way of making the other person feel special and as such is highly recommended.

Video Chat

If you are able to and everyone feels comfortable then video chatting is a great way to take any online relationship up a level. Seeing someone on camera gives you a chance to see their mannerisms and facial expressions as they talk which is a wonderful way to feel connected to someone and get to know them. You could play online games or watch a film together while you do this – a virtual, online dating night!

Share Your Favourite Memories

Make sure you constantly talk about each other and get to know each other better. Talk about what life was like at school, what your first job was and even what your dreams are. Knowing these things about a person helps to build up a picture of what they are like and is an essential part of any online relationship.