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What To Ask a Chinese Lady on a First Date: 5 Engaging Questions

So, you’ve asked that gorgeous Chinese lady on a date, and now wonder what are some appropriate questions to ask her? Dating someone from another culture can be challenging, but with the five questions below, rest assured you’ll stay on the safe side.

What is her biggest life goal?

Perhaps the most important thing to know when starting to date Asian women is that most of them strongly believe men should be the breadwinners in a family. There is nothing wrong with this conception, but the truth is that most Western men expect their partners to have a job.

If that’s important to you, finding out which are her goals and aspirations at the beginning of your relationship is crucial.

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What is a favorite movie of your Chinese lady, and why?

An open-end question that’s not exclusive to Asian dating, but that can speak volumes about her personality.

Whether she’s a romantic, na?ve, or a strong woman who fights for her rights, you’ll be able to tell it by finding out what movie she enjoys best and why she likes it.

What is her relationship with parents?

Chinese women looking for a Western partner often come from poor or unhappy families. However, knowing what relationship she has with her parents can tell you how much she’ll care about you if things get serious.

If she couldn’t care less about her parents or siblings, she might show no respect to you either once you put a ring on her finger. If she’s overly protective, chances are her family will always come first.

A Chinese lady that respects her parents but isn’t overly-attached to them is family-oriented while respecting her origins and culture. Undoubtedly, someone you’d want to date.

What does a Chinese lady like most about her best friend?

Online dating can help you meet ladies from all over the world, but you can’t get to know her personality before going out on a real date. So, this is another good question to find out more about her mindset.

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Her answer will tell you whether she’s a mature lady ready to engage in a long-term relationship or just someone looking for casual dating or money.

What does she think about marriage?

Speaking about marriage on a first date could seem awkward, but the truth is that when you’re dating someone from another country, finding out what are their opinions on important things is vital.

Know that most Asian women believe that marriage is a sort of solve-everything treatment for a couple of problems. They believe that saying your vows equal to “happy ever after.” If your Chinese lady knows how marriage works, that’s a clear sign you can engage in a long-term relationship with her.

The first date with a Chinese lady can be somehow awkward, but these questions can help you learn more about her while saving you in those daunting moments of silence. If you’d like to date Asian women but don’t know where to start, check out; who knows? Maybe your Asian bride is just a few clicks away.