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Why Your Asian Lady May Ask About Your Blood Type and What It Means

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Do you know what blood type you are? Many of us don’t, but to people with Asian culture, this is something vitally important. If you’re looking to date an Asian lady this is something you should be aware of. Respecting cultural differences, understanding them, and even following some of them is a great way to ensure a relationship with someone who has a different background to you is successful.

Tell me about your bl

Tell me about your blood type.

The Importance of Blood Type in Asian Culture

Throughout Asian cultures, many people have a belief that personality is governed by their blood type. It is not unusual for them to ask other people what their blood type is or even to try and guess it based on what they know about the person.

Single ladies often want to know a prospective date’s blood type so they can see what type of personality they have – because they also believe that different blood types match well with other types, so it is important to them that they know before they dive too deep into dating someone.

Blood Type A

Kind, good hosts, big on cleanliness, finds it easy to stay calm, hard workers, and considered to be safe drivers. If they date someone who is also blood type A then it is considered they have lots of personality traits in common, which is a good thing. Dating someone with blood type B may be a cause for concern but dating someone with blood type AB is thought to be a good idea as they can build a stable relationship. Type O can be a good partner match, but often type A can be too talkative to them, so this is something that needs to be considered.

Blood Type B

Happy to go lucky, not someone who likes to follow rules, playful, likes to be surrounded by people, and likes to attend social gatherings. It is thought that if blood type B dates blood type A they will get tired of each other. Dating someone who also has blood type B is not considered wise as they are likely to party too hard and go off the rails. Dating someone who is AB blood type often means a quick attraction and falling in love fast while blood type O is usually considered a good match for friendship.

Blood Type AB

We are a perfect match!

Calm and rational, often spiritual, like to have lots of hobbies and they are upfront and honest about the type of relationship they are looking for. If they date someone with blood type A this is often a passionate relationship, loving hard but arguing passionately too. Blood type B is considered a really good match for a relationship whereas type AB often doesn’t communicate well which leads to a poor relationship. Blood type O is seen as someone good to go into business with.

Blood Type O

Hard-working, likes to earn money, looks at the wider perspective of everything and they like a goal to work towards. Dating blood type A is seen as a good combination however as the person with type O blood can take the lead. Blood type B usually leads to a relationship with good communication however type AB often means that they compete for the same things. Blood type O is not seen as a good idea to date.

As you can see, for an Asian lady it is extremely important to know your blood type and how well you might match. So, even if it seems an unusual question for you, know it is something important to them and do your best to give them the information they need.