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Winter in China: Best things to do together with your Chinese woman

China is a vast country, but one thing that many areas of the nation have in common is that when winter arrives, the temperature drops dramatically. Having some great winter activities organized for your Chinese woman is vitally important.

If you’re planning on heading to China this winter to spend some quality time with your Chinese woman, then it’s good to have a list of activities in mind to keep you occupied and entertained while you’re there.

If you’re looking for some inspiration of winter activities to enjoy with your Chinese woman, then this list should help you.

See the Forbidden City covered in pristine white snow

There are few sights quite as spectacular and moving in the world as China’s incredible Forbidden City. The historic palace complex is located in Beijing and attracts millions of visitors each year. One thing many tourists do not do, however, is visiting this incredible place during winter.

Seeing the Forbidden City covered in a blanket of white snow is both beautiful and awe-inspiring. It’s a must-do activity for winter in China and your Chinese woman will love it.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

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Visit Snow Sculpture Festival with your lady!

Running between December 24 and February 25, the Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Harbin, China, is an incredible event that you simply must visit with your Chinese woman. The event has been running since 1963 and showcases some of the most amazing ice sculptures in the world. It’s both spectacular, thrilling and a little bit romantic too!

Need something warmer? Head to Dali

If all of the cold weather in China takes its toll, or you fancy something a bit warmer, then head to Dali which is located in the province of Yannan. Another city that boasts stunning buildings and a tonne of history, its south-western location helps keep temperatures above that of the national average for the winter period. The coldest months will be December, January, and February, but temperatures can still regularly get into double-digits in degree centigrade.

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Take your chance to meet your love!

Go hiking with your Chinese woman

If you are desperate to enjoy some proper winter activities, why not heading out to the hills and do some snowy winter hiking? China has some amazing locations for this, but be sure to take an expert guide and tell people where you are going.

Hot springs

Finally, if you want a little more luxury to treat your Chinese woman to, then the country has a lot of natural hot springs to enjoy – especially welcome after a cold day hiking or exploring a tourist attraction! Ask local tourist guides for information on the nearest accessible hot springs.