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New Year in the West: Traditions unfamiliar to Asian ladies

In most parts of the Western world, New Year brings about the biggest party and celebration of the year, but much of it will be new to Asian ladies. New Year is celebrated differently over the world, sometimes even on a different date. In the West, New Year is celebrated at midnight on December, 31…

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Asian culture of dating online

Dating online is the most common way of meeting a prospective partner, whether at home or abroad. Whether you’re looking for an Asian dating service or mail order brides from another country, it’s likely that you’ll consider using online dating sites or apps. Long gone are the days when online dating was considered seedy or…

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Why the Philippines is a great place to meet Asian women

The Philippines has long been recognized as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Whether you’re looking for a utopian beach escape, a cultural awakening, impressive architecture or fascinating history, you’re guaranteed to be impressed in the Philippines. What’s more, you will be spoilt for choice by the beautiful Asian women that live…

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3 books to help you understand the mentality of Asian women

If you’re dating Asian women, or hoping to meet the one of your dreams, then you’ll probably want to learn and understand more about the mentality of ladies from that part of the world. Asian women have many characteristics that make them different from other ladies around the world. They’re beautiful, intelligent and loyal, to…

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