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5 best ways to celebrate Chinese New Year with your Asian lady

So, you’ve met a gorgeous Asian lady on that online dating site. You’ve chatted for a while, met in real life, and now search for a way to celebrate Chinese New Year. While there are many ways to do it, check out these five amazing traditions.

Share the Wealth With Your Loved Ones

In China, as well as in other Asian countries, the tradition involves sharing your wealth with everyone you love. Perhaps you have already seen the red envelopes in your lady’s home; they’re not Christmas cards or thank you notes.

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Each red envelope is filled with money, ranging from a few bucks to hefty amounts, then given to other members of the family. A nice and simple way to show your Asian lady that you care about her and her country’s traditions.

Watch Traditional Shows

The Chinese New Year is an amazing event comprising amazing shows and festivals. From traditional dances to fireworks, all these events can help bring you and your Asian girl closer.

Perhaps the most amazing show to watch is the lion dance, typically performed outdoors and accompanied by drums, cymbals, and street parades.

Indulge in Festival Treats

Chinese food is simply delicious, and the festival treats are even tastier than the dishes you can taste elsewhere.

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eed, during the New Year, most families in China prepare and eat jiaozi, festive dumplings that are not only delicious but also used as an excuse to spend time with the family. According to the tradition, these treats also bring good fortune, a good reason to share them with your Asian woman.

Visit a Chinese New Year Market

Like Christmas in the western world, the New Year in China is a moment of celebration. So, you can expect to see a market or two. These markets are similar to the Christmas ones, in that they are open-air markets, but you can expect a whole different feel.

For instance, you can expect to see dozens of flowers, bright colors, religious activities, temple fairs, and other things that will likely spellbind you.

Pray at the Temple

Last but not least, the Chinese New Year is a time of renewal, and what better way to shed off all the bad from the past year than through prayer? Most temples even put on shows, such as the lion dance or festive dragon dances, so besides praying, you’ll also have a chance to experience the true Chinese culture.

Whether you decide to do just some of the things above or try all of them, you’ll surely have an amazing Chinese New Year with your Asian lady.