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An Eastern Halloween: How Your Asian Girlfriend Would Usually Spend Halloween

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October is here and that means that Halloween is just around the corner, so how should you spend it with your Asian girlfriend?

In countries such as the UK, USA and Australia, Halloween is big business and hugely popular. Scary movies, fancy dress outfits and traditions such as ‘treat or treat’ are commonplace. However, if you’re going to be spending Halloween with your Asian girlfriend, you should be aware of how she will be used to spending it.

Asian girlfriend

Do you like watching scary movies?

One thing is for sure, this time of the year is a great one to spend with that special lady in your life. It’s fun and there are plenty of things you can do to get into the spirit of it. It’s also something that you can enjoy together if you’re not fortunate enough to be with her in-person.

So, here are a few ways in which your Asian girlfriend is likely to be used to spending Halloween. 

Remembering loved ones

Halloween customs can really vary from country-to-country in Asia, but in many countries some people will treat Halloween as more of a traditional event. They use it to remember loved ones who have passed away, celebrating their spirit in a loving way and remembering them. If your Asian girlfriend has anyone dear to her who she has lost, give her time to remember them over Halloween if she wishes to and offer to join her in those special moments.

Fancy dress party

Halloween fancy dress parties have become huge in America and popularised in Asia through TV shows and movies. Therefore, it’s quite likely that your Asian girlfriend is aware of the tradition of dressing up in a scary or seasonal costume and attending a fun Halloween party. Depending on your lockdown status, that may have to take a slightly different form this year, but it’s still definitely one to do!

Scary movies

Asian girlfriend

What’s your Halloween costume?

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without some scary movies, either serious horror films or the more comedic taken on the genre. Either way, your Asian girlfriend is likely to be well used to watching these types of films at Halloween, so ask her if she would like to do so this year.

Family event

It can be quite common in Asia for families to use Halloween as a time to get together and spend some quality time with each other. It’s definitely worth keeping in mind that your lady may be hoping to spend some time with her family this year too, even if that’s virtually.

Special events

Finally, depending on exactly where she is from, your Asian girlfriend may be used to attending or watching a major Halloween event on television. This is especially common in Japan, for example, when downtown Tokyo hosts a huge Halloween parade. Attractions across Asia, such as Disney in Hong Kong and Universal Studios in Tokyo, will also host special Halloween-themed events.