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Animals of love in China: showing your intentions to your Asian lady in a classy way

Animals of love in China showing your intentions to your Asian lady in a classy way

Your Asian lady will be grateful for any demonstration of your love and just like women throughout the world, any attempt to be romantic or affectionate will be warmly received. Animals are a superb way to demonstrate your intentions to your Asian lady as in China, they symbolise a variety of affections and meanings. Below are some examples of how animals can integrate into your demonstrations of love in a classy and culturally awared way:

Dragon and Phoenix

When a dragon and phoenix are paired, they are used to present the image of the emperor and empress. These two figures are recognised as being a harmonious coupling who benefit from a strong marriage that is blessed with wealth. If you want to demonstrate these qualities to your Asian lady, you can use these images, whether drawn or spoken about, to communicate your desire to build a loving and stable future together. This imagery is also used to represent the famous Chinese ideology of yin and yang and so is very appropriate if you and your Asian lady have notable differences.

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Paired Birds

Images of other types of paired bird are likely to arouse the same symbolic meaning to your Asian lady. For example, lovebirds, otherwise known as kingbirds, never separate and so if you want to tell your Asian lady in a classy way that you hope to stay with each other forever, this symbology is the ideal way. By sending her pictures of these birds, you will be telling your Asian lady that you want a long, fortunate and romantic relationship with her. This imagery applies to birds including magpies, doves and swans too.


Butterflies are used throughout the Chinese culture to symbolise love and in particular, new or young love. Chinese legend suggests that butterflies represent eternal love and a happy union between a young couple. This animal is the ideal representation of your affections in the early stages of your relationship and can help you show your seriousness for your Asian lady in the earliest stages of your romance.

Mandarin Ducks

Using your online dating site to communicate intentions may seem limiting but when you add quirky symbols or drawings to your chats with your Asian lady, you will not only become more interesting but can feed in Chinese significance into affectionate messages. One of the most famous symbols of love throughout China is that of Mandarin ducks. These ducks are recognised as being romantic and loyal and your Asian lady will conjure up images of how close the two of you can be when you make reference to these animals. These ducks are always found in a pair and so if you can’t imagine life without your Asian lady, this symbol is ideal. Should you and your Asian lady argue, the Mandarin ducks are also said to restore harmony and this can be a classy way for you to apologise or overcome a dispute.

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