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How do Asian ladies from China celebrate March 8th?

March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day throughout the world and this annual event aims to raise consideration for the rights of women, gender inequality issues and to act as a celebration for female achievements and roles. In China, Asian brides will eagerly anticipate this event and will make plans to communicate their beliefs and celebrate their gratitude for females in their life. Speak to Asian ladies about what their plans are and what the day means to them and your interest will likely impress them and lead to open and engaging conversations.

The meaning of the holiday

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China has evolved its celebrations of International Women’s Day somewhat and now predominantly focuses on celebrations of ladies throughout the country, rather than use the day as a political platform. Modern day celebrations will see Asian ladies receiving love and appreciation from other ladies and men for all of their work and achievements.

Congratulate your Asian girlfriend

International Women’s Day in China is an opportunity for men to express their affections and gratitude to women, including their mothers, sisters, Asian ladies and friends and acts as a day similar to Mother’s Day or Valentine’s. Because of this, there is a massive marketing drive throughout China to sell cards, decorations, gifts and treats for women – much in the same way as Western practices for the aforementioned dates.

Plan the agenda of Marth, 8th

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Asian ladies are likely to receive a day or half a day holiday from work and will usually enjoy a day free of domestic chores, which are usually carried out by men on March 8th. In the evening, Asian brides are likely to be taken out for a meal or have dinner cooked by male relatives. Some Chinese women will enjoy a day together at a spa, having lunch or taking a relaxing stroll. Asian brides may take the opportunity to catch up with friends and maybe even engage in wedding planning!

Present the gift to your Asian lady

Asian ladies are likely to receive gifts from male relatives and friends on International Women’s Day and Chinese girls will excitedly anticipate their presents. Take the opportunity to use your online dating site to send Chinese ladies a token of your affection or a gift to share the importance of the day. Use this date to discuss deeper beliefs about gender and equality matters and explore how your cultures are similar and different. Days such as International Women’s Day offer the perfect opportunity to deepen your connections and learn more about Asian ladies.