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Asian customs and traditions that you should know when dating an Asian lady

Dating an Asian lady is fantastic; they’re fun, beautiful, loyal and interesting women who make for great partners.

However, their customs and traditions are a lot different to those of the western world in some cases, and specifically when it comes to dating, there are a few things you really should be aware of when you’re getting into that new relationship.

So, in the interest of making your relationship with an Asian lady a long and fulfilling one, here are a few customs and traditions you should know about from the start.

Asian lady

I’d love to have a wonderful date with you!

On a first date, they probably won’t be alone

If you’re yet to enjoy that first date with your Asian lady, it’s worth keeping in mind that they probably won’t be alone. It’s perfectly normal for women to bring a friend, or perhaps a family member such as a sister, to a first date. If you’ve met online, then it’s pretty much guaranteed. Don’t be put off or intimidated by it. In fact, think of it as an opportunity to impress, because if her friend likes you then it’s going to be a big positive for you.

Politeness goes far

In Asia, good manners still go a long way. In fact, if you really want to build a lasting relationship, then good manners are a must. The small things like complimenting your Asian lady on how she looks, asking how her family is and holding the door open for her are very simple yet very effective ways of winning her favour.

Asian lady

Would you kiss me tenderly?

Meeting more than once? You best be serious

In many parts of Asia, it’s still fairly rare for women to meet with a man more than once or twice if there is no interest in a long-term relationship. That works the other way as well. If you continue to go on dates with her after the first one, then it’s good news because she’s interested. She will also interpret your continued interest as an indication that you are interested in a serious relationship.

Things not moving as quickly as expected? It may be time to meet the family

Family plays a huge role in Asian culture, and it’s a tradition in some parts that relationships will only really progress once a lady has got approval from her family. Early on in a relationship you will be most likely given the opportunity to meet the family of your Asian lady. If this goes well and you make the right impression, then you’re on to a winner. Make sure you take a gift for that meeting though – that’s also an important part of Asian culture.