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Best ways of spending World Kissing Day with your Chinese lady

There are many holidays and events around the year which should be celebrated with your Chinese lady, and World Kissing Day is almost certainly one of those.

It takes place on Saturday 6th July in 2019 and is the perfect day on which to spend some time with that special Chinese lady in your life. Whether you’re in the same country or not will have a bearing on what you can do, so we’re going to give you a couple of ways to celebrate regardless of your specific situation.

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Celebrating World Kissing Day when you’re in different parts of the world

It’s particularly tricky to celebrate something like World Kissing Day with your Chinese lady if you’re still living apart, but it’s still not impossible. Here are a couple of suggestions to get you on your way.

Online video chat – speaking via video chat is a great way of spending time together despite being on opposite sides of the world. As World Kissing Day is about respecting and loving one another, why not woe your Chinese lady by making something to show her during the chat which is specific to her or one of her interests?

Send her a gift – even when using online dating websites, you can still enjoy the experience of sharing gifts together. Why not be a little creative and send her a gift that is related to kissing? Anything from nice lipstick to some playful lip-shaped sweets/candies!

Play games – as the day is about love, kissing and respecting the love you hold for each other, why not try and play a game with each other through messaging, chat or video chat? If you have a little think ahead of time, you will come up with something. Try thinking about what her hobbies are, where about in China she is from and what she enjoys to do.

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Celebrating World Kissing Day together with your Chinese lady

World Kissing Day, or International Kissing Day, is a recognized day in most western world countries, including the USA and UK. So, there is absolutely no excuse for not celebrating.

Go for a romantic meal – there are very few cities in the world now where you cannot find a traditional Chinese restaurant or at least a restaurant with a ‘secret’ menu for people from China rather than the westernized Chinese dishes. Your Chinese lady would love dining out with you if you apply a little thought like this and maybe try some traditional Chinese dishes with her.

Indulge her favorite pastimes – find out what your Chinese lady loves to do ahead of time and set something special up to celebrate it. Go to visit a certain museum, grab a movie with her favorite actor or find some books she loves to read. Whatever you do, find something which is specific to her that she is going to enjoy.

Crank up the romance! – Last but not least, it’s probably the most obvious! It’s World Kissing Day, so why not give your Chinese lady a memorably romantic day or night and try and score a romantic kiss to end the date? There is surely no better way of celebrating.