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Chat vs Letters: The best way of communicating when you are dating online

Dating online has changed the way many people find love in the modern age, but certain elements of traditional dating still have their place for some.

Moving to a digital platform to begin your next love story is a smart move. Dating websites offer a vast array of tools and techniques for not only finding your next girlfriend, but also of interact and engaging with her.

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A significant benefit of dating online is the instant method of communicating through chat messages. These can be purely text-based or through video and photo.

However, despite that, there are still people who prefer the traditional form of sending love letters. While this may appear old hat, there are still scenarios when a good old-fashioned love letter may really hit the spot, and many modern dating websites now offer to facilitate the sending of the letter as a service.

So, there is almost certainly a time when both may have their benefits, but when, and in which scenarios? Here are a few points to consider when you’re next weighing up whether to send a traditional letter or stick to online methods.

Advantages of chatting digitally when dating online

Dating online and using digital chat is definitely the primary method you should stick to when starting out in a relationship. It’s simple, fun and safe.

· Digital chat also has a huge benefit when it comes to speed. If you were to rely on traditional love letters to do all of your talking, it would literally take weeks or months to begin building up a relationship. All of this can be done in next to no time with a dating website.

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· People are so busy in today’s modern world that wasting time finding the right person to try and start a relationship with is a real turn-off. Digital chat through a website takes this concern away, allowing you to very quickly get to know someone and decide whether it’s worth pursuing a relationship with them.

· Dating online through digital chat also allows you to reach women you would never ordinarily meet, and this is a huge benefit in itself.

When can a traditional love letter still be used?

· However, despite all of those points, sending the occasional, traditional love letter can work brilliantly if you’re in an established relationship. It feels very romantic and personal and compliments sending messages digitally.

· You could even send a real, hand-written love letter as a surprise for your lady’s birthday, or just because you want to put a smile on her face.
So, the benefits of using digital chat significantly out-weigh the option of sending a traditional love letter, but do not rule out the old-style romantic approach totally. It still has a part to play.