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Spending traditional New Year in China with your Chinese bride

There is very little as exciting or memorable as spending a traditional New Year in China with your Chinese bride. A bucket-list activity for many, New Year in China is arguably the best country in the world to celebrate this annual event. With bright colors, an abundance of parties, incomparable amounts of history and tradition as well as the opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture from your Chinese bride, you will be truly lucky to take part in these festivities.

Chinese bride
I would love to spend this New Year with you!

Time for parties

You can expect to have a lengthy time to celebrate with your Chinese bride as Chinese New Year, which is also known as the Spring Festival, actually lasts 15 days. Some of this time is a national holiday and Chinese people are encouraged to spend the time off from work with those closest to them. Depending on where your Chinese bride lives, you might spend this time travelling in the country to see relatives and enjoy festivities in different towns.

Family connections

Be sure that you will be spending a great deal of the celebrations with your Chinese bride’s family and friends. Community is at the center of Chinese New Year celebrations and the organization for the festivities can take months. This is the prime opportunity for you to get closer to your Chinese bride’s relatives and to develop your understanding of her upbringing and family connections. A Chinese family tend to be very welcoming to strangers and New Year is an excellent opportunity for Chinese women to celebrate their heritage and nationality.

Being prepared for any occasion

Celebrations for Chinese New Year are lengthy and you can expect to take part in a number of parties and witness several shows. You may be invited to house parties, formal meals, local plays and dances as well as street festivities. It is wise to talk to your Chinese bride in advance about her plans so that you can be sure to make any personal preparations. Check whether you should purchase any gifts, wear any specific clothes or learn and traditional greetings.

Chinese bride
Will you go to China with me?

Learning horoscope with your Chinese bride

It is also wise to have some basic knowledge about Chinese New Year before you travel to the celebrations with your Chinese bride. It’s likely that New Year has been discussed during your Chinese marriage previously, but be sure to at least know which animal your birth year falls under and what that means for your character. Better still, try to remember some details about each animal as this will help you in discussions and comparing the personality traits of your social circle. Also, understand that this is a celebration where Chinese people and your Chinese bride will spend time praying to the Gods. You will want some understanding of this in order to ensure that you are respectful.


Expect fireworks when you celebrate New Year in China with your Chinese bride. In fact, the most fireworks in the world are set off in China on the night of New Year celebrations. This makes for a perfect romantic opportunity for you and your Chinese bride. Cuddle up whilst everyone around you is in awe of the pyrotechnic displays and take the chance to revel in the cultural magic that surrounds you. Celebrating Chinese New Year in China is an event that most people can only dream of and to do it with your Chinese bride in your arms makes this all the more captivating.