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How do Chinese brides love to celebrate their birthdays?

Birthdays are a special time, and if you’re wondering how you should and shouldn’t help Chinese brides celebrate their birthday, then read on.

China has many different customs and cultures than those found in the western world, but birthdays are still something to celebrate for the most part. Chinese brides will expect to celebrate their special day with their nearest and dearest, so it pays to know what may be expected of you.

Chinese brides

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Here are some tips on how Chinese brides love to celebrate their birthdays, and things you should avoid.

Birthday Banquets / Longevity Noodles

Getting together for a meal at home is a popular way of celebrating in many parts of the world, and for a birthday in China, Chinese brides love to do this. They will have you with them, but also be surrounded by family and close friends.

The banquet will include traditional Chinese dishes, sometimes provided by members of the family that attend. Crucially, there will be a Longevity Noodle. This incredible long noodle will be in a bowl, curled around continuously until it is filled. Usually, the noodle should be eaten in one piece and one sitting!

Never celebrate late

One very important tradition in China is to make sure you celebrate a birthday on the correct day, or earlier if needs be. Chinese brides cannot celebrate their birthdays late as it is incredibly bad luck.

Chinese brides

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Go out for a meal

Going out for a meal is also quite common, and Chinese brides love to do this with their men. However, one thing to be aware of is that in China it is traditional for the person whose birthday it is to pay for the food. So, while it may be difficult to accept a meal from someone who is celebrating their birthday, it is widely recognized to do so.

Give gifts but avoid certain ones

Chinese brides love to celebrate their birthday with gifts, but beware what you give to them. Jewelry or sharp objects, for example, are considered bad luck. Items that include the color red, or perhaps something simple like a fruit basket, are safe gifts to give.

Birthday cake for Chinese brides

Yes, perhaps the most recognizable symbol of a birthday in the western world, the popular birthday cake. Don’t fear, these are now becoming very popular in China, so Chinese brides will love to receive a birthday cake to help with their birthday celebrations.