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Famous Chinese idioms to discuss with your Asian bride

Famous Chinese idioms to discuss with your Asian bride

If you want to learn more about the culture of your Asian bride and to have a long and fascinating conversation, then talking about famous Chinese idioms is sure to be a good idea.

In China, idioms are often known as Chinese Chengyu. Chengyu or idioms are essential when words are grouped together to produce a meaning that you would never get from the same words on their own. For example, in the English language, ‘over the moon’ or ‘see the light’ would be perfect examples.

So, which famous Chinese idioms should you discuss with your Asian woman?

Asian bride

I will be your tender lady!

???? (ji?o t? sh? d?)

This is one of China’s most famous idioms. It basically means to “step on solid ground”, what, giving it a Western spin, means to live your life right. Work hard, focus on things that are important and stay moving forward while keeping your feet on the ground. It’s a really positive Chengyu, so a great one to begin discussing with your Asian lady. It will give you a great insight into the Chinese culture.

???? (y?w?su?y?u)

Not all idioms in China are positive, and this is one such example. This means “to be penniless” and “have no money”, often used to describe those who are poor or have no job. It’s a good one to be aware of and may be interesting to discuss its origins and usage with your Asian bride.

???? (m? m?ng q? mi?o)

This is a fascinating Chinese idiom and one you definitely need to ask your Asian bride about. It’s used to describe something that is really confusing or baffling, beyond comprehension. It can be translated to something like “be completely at a loss”. It can be used in several scenarios and has a real impact in conversation.

???? (qu?n l? y? f?)

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I’m ready for a serious relationship!

Short and to the point, this Chinese idiom simply means to say “give something your all”, or “exert all of your strength”. It’s often used when referring to tasks somebody has already started and is in the middle of, often to tell a person to fully focus and do everything possible to succeed at that task.

???? (b? k? s? y?)

This one is used to describe something that is really amazing or noteworthy, or perhaps just totally unexpected, unimaginable. It has many uses in conversation in both the past of present tense, with an example of the use for something unexpected being “wow, it’s incredible, we went to the same school”.

???? (x?n xu? l?i ch?o)

If you are describing doing something “on a whim”, “at the drop of a hat” or in “the spur of the moment”, then this idiom is likely to be very useful. Practice the pronunciation and initiate a conversation with your Asian bride by asking her to do something in the spur of a moment and then discuss the meaning and origin of this really cool idiom.